Did the Eagles Really cut Devine?

The answer is simply no.  It was reported that Devine left the Eagles on his own and was not cut by the team.  Although no reason was given for him leaving, but there have been rumors floating around.  Perhaps Devine was unhappy with the way he was performing.  Devine had a joined a team that was full of running backs and probably wouldn’t have gotten much playing time.  So that could have been another reason for why he left.  Either way Devine will not be a part of the Eagles this year.  Devine suffered a toe injury during the season and it felt like he never fully recovered from it.  Otherwise he would have easily been drafted by a team who could use a good small running back. 

 In his final year as a Mountaineer, Devine rushed for 934 yards and 6 touchdowns.  While much of that was caused by his injury he did however manage to set a new West Virginia record for all purpose yards with 5,761 yards.  So now that Devine is once again a free agent it is possible that he will sign with another team in the near future.

Here are some possible teams that might sign him:


1.  Houston Texans- with Arian Foster getting most of the carries it can be assumed that Devine will not get the starting job.  However, former Mountaineer Steve Slaton could be on the trading block and with him gone Devine could be a crucial third down back.

2.  Cleveland Browns- here is another situation where Devine will most likely be second to Peyton Hillis.  The Browns do offer a good role for him mainly because they don’t have a very consistent backup to Hillis and Devine would fit well into a system that other than Hillis lacks good running backs.

3.  Washington Redskins- the Redskins could be a very good fit for Devine since the starting position could be up for grabs.  With Clinton Portis getting older and less productive and who knows what will happen to Ryan Torain and how he will produce. Devine could very well be a starter if not a serious threat as a backup.

4.  San Diego Chargers- with the Chargers losing Darren Sproles to the Saints they could be looking for a player just like him.  Devine fits the bill because like Sproles he is not very tall, lightning quick, and he has the ability to make big plays.  Devine here would mainly be a third down back, but Sproles was also a return man and guess what Devine can do that too.

5.  Atlanta Falcons- this was the team that was first reported to be looking at Devine, but it didn’t happen.  Well never say never because now that Devine is free he could still very well be on the Falcons radar.  Once again Devine would be a third down back and with Jason Snelling putting up less than decent numbers Devine would be a great backup to Michael Turner.     

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