Burning Couches & Tear Gas: Morgantown Riots After WVU Upsets Baylor

West Virginia Mountaineers fans decided not to go the traditional houseparty route after their boys upset the #4 Baylor Bears 41-27 in Morgantown on Saturday.

As this bro is so kind to point out in Instagram form, "West "F---kin Virginia" decided to up the ante by setting a ton of couches on fire:


Burning a couch after we beat Baylor. #wvu #westvirginia #morgantown #WVU #college #party WVUvsBaylor

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The fires kept going and going and going, causing our photographer to get all philosophical about the flame's shape...



The couch flame looks like our state. #WVU #westvirginia #BurningCouch #morgantown #beststate View on Instagram

Things spiralled out of control from there, with riot police having to break out the tear gas in hopes of gaining control of the town:

And when the tear gas didn't work?

Morgantown, West Virginia...putting soccer hooligans to shame.

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UPSET: West Virginia Stuns #4 Baylor 41-27 In Morgantown

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