Videos - John Wall 'dougie' ... best in sports?

Wizards fans, as you know John Wall not only brings ferocious speed and skill to the Wizards roster, but he also brings quite a bit of spunk and personality.  During his rookie debut,  John Wall became an internet sensation with his rendition of the 'dougie'.  In the spirit of competition, we want to know does he really have the best dougie in all sports?  Here are some famous athletes breaking it down to the Top 40 hit.  We want to hear from you! Do you think any of these other athletes have the  style to hang with John Wall?

John Wall before Wizards game

Drew Stanton dougies after scoring a touchdown

NFL dougie highlight reel

Team USA Soccer doing the dougie after a penalty kick

Skip Bayless dances on the ESPN set

Oregon Duck breaks it down

New Jersey Devil does the dougie

'Teach Me How to Dougie' music video

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