MUST WATCH: The Seven Stages Of Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman

Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman is a running punchline in the Internet community, bridging the gap between every Three Stooges short ever and Craig T Nelson's coach character from the aptly-titled "Coach."

So, when the Wittmeister busted this out in his postgame presser after the Wizards' 106-101 Game 4 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, we had to do something...

To celebrate every wonderful Twitter moment Wittman has given us during his four seasons in D.C., we present to you The Seven Stages Of Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman.

1. Pensiveness

2. Unbridled Anger

3. Confusion

4. Mass Confusion

5. Con-fu-shun?

6. Con-fu-FUN!

7. Pure Wittman Nirvana

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