The John Beck Show

Consistent with the politics of Washington D.C., it looks as though the Washington Redskins will have yet another change at the top: our heir apparent at quarterback seems to be John Beck.

Now, the only reason Beck is being thrown into the conversation is due directly to the fact that the NFL is in a lockout: trading betweens teams cannot occur, and, what the Redskins do best, free agent signings, is also off-limits.

If this were any other regular off-season, the Redskins front office would have already won the “best team on paper” award (as they do every season with free agents like Deion Sanders, Adam Archuleta, and of course Albert Haynesworth).

We’ve all seen how well winning in the off-season works (not really well).

Maybe this is a good thing for the Redskins team as a whole: we are being forced to wait, and hopefully, think about the decisions we are going to make once the Players and the Owners reach an agreement.

But, let’s speculate for a minute and say John Beck is going to be the man under center for the 2011-2012 Season.

Beck has played in 5 games since being drafted 8th overall in the second round by the Miami Dolphins back in 2007.

His debut game, against the ’07 Philadelphia Eagles saw a 9/22 throwing performance, yielding 109 totals yards and no touchdowns. Leading the team to one lonely long field goal opportunity (a miss), the only points scored by the Dolphins that day came on a 87-yard punt return from Ted Ginn Jr.

The game against Philly was Beck’s only turnover-less game of his career (he surrendered five against the New York Jets) and he has still yet to lead his team to victory (0-4 as a starter).

Granted, the 2007-08 Dolphins as a whole were a horrendous team to say the least: going 1-15, with games that typically saw little offense and even less competition.

Can you blame it all on John Beck? Of course not. But it’s hard to have faith in a young player who has had such little success to begin his career.

The fact that the Redskins didn’t take a quarterback in this season’s draft means they have a plan: whether it means going with Beck, resigning Rex Grossman, trading away Donovan McNabb, or all of the above.

Until then, all fans can do is speculate about who is going to start where, and hope Mr. Beck (and rest of the team) are taking part in the player-organized team workouts currently taking place around the country.

(Jonathan Wigginton is the Chat Sports Senior Writer for the Washington Redskins)

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