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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ Postseason shares announced; Who’s in on Stephen Strasburg?; Nats’ 2020 infield? + more...

So, $382,358.18 is quite a bit of money, for the players, but more importantly, for the non-players who received one of the 61 full shares the Nationals handed out when they got an award for winning it all this season.

Winning the World Series is good for everybody who’s getting those shares, apparently.

Read all about how that was shared and check out all of the latest Nats news below. Go read your links...

Postseason Shares:

A World Series means a windfall, and not just for the players on the field - (WaPost)
"An extra 382 grand and change won’t affect, say, Max Scherzer’s life much, but how that number is determined and the impact it can have is kind of fascinating.