Robert Griffin III: The Redskin's 2012 starter?

The list of needs for the Washington Redskins heading in to the 2012 NFL Draft could probably extend to two pages; A solid quarterback to build around, more depth at the offensive line, secondary help, etc.

[caption id="attachment_785" align="alignright" width="264" caption="Rex Grossman has shown that he isn't the answer at quarterback."][/caption]

Many questions surround the Redskins entering this draft as well. I have heard rumors of the Redskins trading up to get the number one pick. My response to that is what could we possibly have to offer? The Redskins can't afford to give up anymore first round picks after the disaster that was Donovan McNabb and there is no combination of players they could give up for the number one pick that would not ultimately make them worse off.

The Redskins are set to select 6th in this upcoming draft and with so many areas of concern, what should they do with that pick? Sure, Grossman played better towards the end of the season but he is no long term solution.

Good news to Redskins fans, Baylor's Robert Griffin III just declared for the draft! And in one version of the NFL mock draft, The Redskins will be picking him! (with a footnote that they will trade up to the number 2 pick to make sure of this). In addition, Stanford's Andrew Luck goes number 1 overall to the Colts, Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon going 2nd to the rams, USC's Matt Kalil to the Vikings, Alabama's Trent Richardson going to the Browns, and Morris Claiborne going to the Bucs rounding out the top 5.

[caption id="attachment_784" align="alignleft" width="239" caption="Robert Griffin III is projected to be a Redskin in this mock draft."][/caption]

This seems realistic enough. Colts need a quarterback so they will go with Luck. But the Rams have Sam Bradford, Vikings have Christian Ponder, Brown have Colt McCoy, and the Bucs have Josh Freeman. Should the Redskins need to trade up for the number two pick, they shouldn't have to give up much as long as the Rams can be assured that no other team takes Blackmon.

I would personally love to see this happen. RGIII made Baylor a formidable team that was fun to watch. Not to mention, dual threat quarterbacks are becoming a trend in this league after Cam Newton had an amazing rookie season and do I even have to mention Tim Tebow?

Robert Griffin III would put the Redskins in a much better position offensively. He would be a great person to begin building around. Adding depth to the offensive line will be a good start, since injuries to the line is arguably what started the downward spiral of the Redskins. Adding a few more threats a wide receiver to aid Jabar Gaffney and Santana Moss would make the Redskins a playoff team before you know it.

It would be  great choice to draft him because RGIII would sell tickets and make this team better. A franchise quarterback is something the Redskins have not had in I can't even tell you how long. It would be a nice change of pace from the usual washed up veterans that Dan Snyder usually goes after.

This year could be a monumental year for the Redskins. The draft can make or break them for a while. Robert Griffin III is someone I would love to see in burgundy and gold and something tells me I'm not the only one.

Of course, off-season workouts can change the draft dramatically. Last year, Cam Newton was supposed to be a Redskins before the off-season started. After a few good workout, he moved up to the number 1 overall pick. Let's pray that a repeat of last year doesn't happen. Besides, Andrew Luck pretty much has number 1 on lock down.

Robert Griffin III as the 2012 starter...I like the sound of that.

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