Capitals News: Washington Improving "On The Fly" Without The Help Of Practice

The Washington Capitals haven't practiced since just after the NHL All-Star break, entering a seven games in eleven days stretch that has forced the Caps to put everything together as they go along.

“A real practice, where we can work on a lot of specific things, where it gets engrained a little bit, we haven’t done that,” head coach Barry Trotz said, via the Washington Post. “We’re trying to do that on the fly, just like everyone else.”

The upcoming four-game, eight-day trip for the Capitals through California and Pittsburgh had to be designed in order to give the team the most rest possible. Since they will spend two full days travelling during the trek, they will practice just once during that span.

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“It’s hard to correct things just by showing film,” Trotz said. “You need those reps.”

The Caps don't have a lot of time to get those reps in, but they're making due with what little time they've had.

“We’re playing against some good hockey teams. Most of them within our division, and we’re going to go on a little bit of a stretch in the other conference right now, but you need to collect points,” forward Troy Brouwer said. “With our Metro Division, it’s so tight. We’re maybe four, five points behind the top team and we want to catch them. We want to distance ourselves from the teams that are catching us, to try to get us out of a playoff spot. We feel we’re playing good hockey and we’re racking up points.”

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