Capitals News: Alex Ovechkin Sounds Off On Media's Love/Hate Relationship With Him

Two days before the 2015 NHL All-Star Game in Columbus, several players, coaches, and members of the media remarked just how mature and energetic Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin seemed.

However, for Ovechkin, this is just another chapter in a love/hate relationship the media has with him

“As I said, you have to tell me how I played. Last year you don’t like me how I play. This year, you like me, you don’t like me,” Ovechkin said after All-Star media day on Friday, via the Washington Post. “It’s kind of hard to say what I think because if I’m going to say one thing, then tomorrow’s going to be like different thing. You have to tell me.”

Ovechkin has been lambasted by the media before for not being serious enough when push comes to shove. General manager Brian MacLellan believes that a more focused Ovechkin is starting to emerge with age.

“I think the gray hair’s a dead giveaway,” MacLellan said. “Definitely more mature that way. No he is, he does. He’s a little more serious. You watch him in practice, he’s serious. He’s working hard. I think he used to be a little more playful. Not that that’s gone completely, but he’s matured for sure, and it shows on the ice, too. He wants to win. That’s the big thing for me. He’s serious about it.”

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