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We're back with another installment in the popular Look 'Hoos Tweeting series.  This week's top tweeter was True Freshman Offensive Lineman Kelby Johnson, who set the Twitter world ablaze with his knowledge [I can neither confirm nor deny his 'facts'].

1.  Let's start with an interaction between country boy Luke Bowanko (starting OG - though I'm not sure how Centreville, his hometown, can be considered the country...anyway...) and Jay Mathis (starting TE and Dematha product where, apparently, they really love their R&B).

[caption id="attachment_122" align="alignright" width="271" caption="That hat!  That voice!  Wait, who is that?  Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

@Cavboi81 – They be getting some of the most random people to sing the national anthem

@ LBow70 –  cus u don’t listen to country doesn’t mean they are random…Jordan Sparks can’t sing every natl anthem

@Cavboi81 – LMAO shut up!

Great points made by Luke Bowanko and shame on Jeremiah for not respecting the beautiful voices of country music who so movingly sang a majority of the national anthems during Sunday's 9/11 pre-game tributes.  And thank God Jordan Sparks (I think that's her in the picture) can't sing every anthem, either.

2. @BigMullah63 – Love my teammates…Proud to be a cavalier #wahoowa

After a thrilling last second victory in Bloomington to keep the Cavaliers perfect through 2 games, starting OG Austin Pasztor had this message for the Wahoos out on Twitter. Well said, Big Mullah!

[caption id="attachment_118" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Wonder what Hillary thought of the mustacheless chin beard? Photo / VirginiaSports"][/caption]

3.  @VirginiaSports – If you were looking for Oday Aboushi on Wednesday night, he was at the State Department with Hillary Clinton Read complete article here.

While other D1 football players were likely playing Madden in their team rooms, Oday was just chilling with the US Secretary of State.  That's how we roll at UVA.  And good for the big man for sticking to his beliefs with the daily prayers and the fasting - not an easy thing to do in a college football environment, I'm sure.

4. @RealKevinParks smh this man @multimili was in a dead sleep but woke up when he heard #CharlieAngels on a commercial…#whatiswrongwiththisdude

Freshman sensation and all around stud running back Kevin Parks might want to be careful calling out his fullback Max Milien, regardless of his affinity for the Charlie's Angels theme song - he has been the one leading the charge for many of Parks' 5 TD's through the first 2 games.  Of course, I too would like to know #whatiswrongwiththisdude.

5.  @MR_Carter57 #UVA in #NFL Good luck on week one fellas @B_albert67 @BIGN98 @TheSeventryFifth @CL9ONE @ChrisCook_31 @RasIDowling @mAIKENbAIKEN

[caption id="attachment_125" align="alignright" width="201" caption="Former 'Hoo Ras-I Dowling looked great against Brandon Marshall on MNF for the Patriots. Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

Former Cavalier LB Darnell Carter giving a nice shout out to a few of the 21 active former Wahoos who took the field in the first week of NFL action this past weekend.  For complete stats on how these Cavaliers did look right here.  It's nice to see the comrade that the former players have as well as the respect the current players have for past Cavaliers as many UVA player tweets were directed at their former teammates and now NFL stars through out the NFL games.

6.  @MScottuva23 soooo basically, the Cowgirls lost and #Skins won?!?!?!  Hahahahahahaha, starting this Monday off good already lol hehehe

You can't have a column featuring Cavalier tweets and leave out Mike Scott, that would just be #tragicle, #smh, lololololololol.  Through his giggling, it's nice to see Mike pulling for the Skins and getting enjoyment out of a Cowboys loss - even if the 'Girls did start two former Wahoos in John Phillips and Kevin Ogletree on Sunday night.  Can't wait to see the big fella back on the court this winter.

7.  @CMINNI13 Ugly game but we'll take the win

[caption id="attachment_121" align="alignright" width="128" caption="Chase Minnifield was not happy with UVa's near collapse against IU. Photo / Twitter"][/caption]

Standout Chase Minnifield pretty much sums up Saturday nights victory with that one-line.  And on to the next one, folks.  Chase has had a quiet year at this point in the early season, but will see lots of passes coming his way on Saturday so he'll have his chance to shine soon enough.

8. @CoachMikeLondon: @MORGANMOSES_78 You may see me in a class.  Hopefully no one is missing any.

Glad to see Coach London staying on the boys off of the field, after all, if you can't make the grades, you can't make the plays. Hopefully on one is missing any is right, I guess we'll know when the team takes the field on Saturday and a couple starters are missing for the 1st quarter...

9.  The next two tweets are brought to you by our Tweeter of the week - Kelby Johnson.  He was spitting knowledge in 140 character bits all day, repeating facts (I think) he was learning throughout the day.  From whom and/or what, I have no earthly idea.

@_BOSS75_  After Hurricane Katrina 90% of walmarts opened within 10 days the first strip club was re-opened in 20 days but the strippers donated all proceeds from lap dances to relief projects...charity is alive in all places

[caption id="attachment_126" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Nothing can stop me! Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

Efficiency - that's why Wally World is where it is today.  No hurricane can stop them.  And it's nice to know that my Southern brethren have their priorities straight - gotta make sure the cabarets are back up and running to keep the spirits high. While it's certainly a nice gesture on the part of those sweet ladies, I'm not so sure the talent at these 'clubs' brought in too much money with the dances - so let's not get all teary-eyed over their charity just yet [Joking people, juuuuust joking...I'm sure they made plenty of money to donate].

@_BOSS75_ There are over 300 vertebrate species that engage in homosexual activity....

I honestly did not know that.  And I honestly have no idea why Kelby knows that.  Thanks for sharing, bro.  And we certainly hope you decide to play again next week on Look 'Hoos Tweeting!  Until next time...

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