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Another week, another fresh edition of Look 'Hoos Tweeting.  This past week seemed to be one of realization for many UVA athletes - particularly the football players.  Of course, our favorite tweeters Jay Mathis and Mad Max Milien kept things light - as always.  And with basketball season quickly approaching, it appears that Twitter-extraordinaire Mike Scott is getting his tweet game into mid-season form.  Let's get to it...

[caption id="attachment_391" align="alignright" width="84" caption="What makes you think I don't know anything about sports? Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

1.  @Royal_Flush82 (UVA WR Kevin Royal) - Most of the people writing about sports, don't know $hit about them

What are you trying to say, Kevin?  That most sports writers never played high pressure college and/or professional sports?  You think your're so smart, don't you...I'll have you know I played on the Virginia club golf team!

2.  @bubevans (UVA PG Jontel Evans) - I can't keep saying this, big year for UVA basketball!!!! #menandwomens

As a UVA fan, it's always best to temper expectations when heading into a new sports season - especially when that sport is football or basketball.  I really, really want to buy into Jontel's optimism, but I just ca...okay, okay - Cavaliers to the Elite 8 in 2012 baby!!!

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Coach Bennett tearing it up in NBA 2K12. Photo / Mike Scott"][/caption]

3.  The Twitter world was buzzing on Grounds this week with the release of the new NBA 2K12.  While there were many tweets to choose from, none were better than Mike Scott's - who apparently found coach Tony Bennett in the game and started tearing up John Paxson with coach's legendary range.

@MScottuva23 (UVA PF Mike Scott) - Coach Bennett on 2k12 lol

Look at our man!  A 58 rating, though?  What's up with that?  Everybody knows the dude can shoot! 

@MScottuva23 (UVA PF Scott) - Coach Bennett is nice up here!! Killing Paxson!!

It's a shame Bennett's career didn't turn out like Paxson's.  Then again, he likely wouldn't be leading us to the Elite 8 come March if it had.

4.  Sticking in the world of Mike Scott, he summarized my feelings perfectly (well, almost- he kind of forgot about Saturday) following what ended up being a perfectfootball weekend with the 'Hoos and 'Skins winning while the Hokies and Cowboys both took tough losses.  Surprisingly, Akil Mitchell was the only one that actually mentioned anything about the Clemson - VT game.

[caption id="attachment_392" align="alignright" width="83" caption="Well done, Clemson! Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

@MScottuva23 (UVA PF Mike Scott) - hahahahahahah EAGLES AND COWGIRLS LOST?!?!!? SKINS WON?!?!? GREAT SUNDAY!!! hahahahahhaahhahahaha

Let me add one more line to that for you, Mike...lol smh VIRGINIA TECH CHOKIES LOST?!?!?!?!  HOOS WON?!?!? GREAT SATURDAY!!!! LOL

@ajmitchell25 - Let's goooooooo Clemson!

Akil, you have just become my favorite UVA student athlete!

5. @EarlJay84 (UVA WR Earl Scott) - Teacher keeps lookin at me like he's about to make me answer one of his questions in front of the class #nervous

It appears that the academic support staff is forgetting to tell the players about a key success factor in sliding by under the radar - not sitting in the front of the class.  Let this be a warning to you, Earl.  Sit the middle, on the side - preferably behind Morgan Moses, assuming he's in your class.

[caption id="attachment_389" align="alignright" width="101" caption="Have you seen this child? Photo / Max Milien"][/caption]

6.  As always, Max Milien was in a jovial mood this week, choosing to make fun of Kevin Parks due to his small stature.  While I'm not positive, I'm pretty sure the kid Max pictured (to the right) is his.

@multimili (UVA FB Max Milien) - Has any1 seen @realkevinparks kid running around he's lookin for it.  Here's a picture.  Please return if found. 

7.  Next up, we have true confessions from Tim Smith...

[caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="130" caption="I'm super busy back here, please don't bother me. Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

@tim_smith20 (UVA WR Tim Smith) - Ain't it funny how u don't know or don't wanna speak/acknowledge someone the first thing you do is act like you doing something on yo phone

For real though!  The art of 'flexting' is crucial when trying to avoid people at work, school or out in public.  Or when you pretend to take a call and walk out of a crowded room because you don't know anybody and want to look important...

8.  Next up is a tweet from Ross Metheny that made me feel a little better about the football team's attitude following a ridiculously close win against Idaho.

@RMetheny15 (UVA QB Ross Metheny) - A win is a win but we know we can perform better.  Bye week to get back on track.

I'm glad we know that they know that they can perform better.  Hopefully the coaching staff and players are using the bye week to correct mistakes and prepare for a powerful Georgia Tech team...and the return of Albert Groh.

9.  Next up we feature a couple of questions from 2 of UVA's tight ends...an inquisitive bunch, they are.

@paulyfree88 (UVA TE Paul Freedman) - Policy when finding someones wallet nowadays?? Do they give u everything in it?

I'm pretty sure that's not the policy, but I can't blame a guy for trying.

[caption id="attachment_394" align="alignright" width="129" caption="It is what it is, what is was, and always will be. Now leave me alone. Photo / The Internet"][/caption]

@Cavoi81 (UVA TE Jay Mathis) - Why do girls hate when dudes say 'it is what it is'??

Oh, Jay.  Young, innocent, Jay.  To you, this is simply an admission that there's just nothing you can do or say about a situation to change it.  To a female companion, however, they only hear 'Screw it, I'm too lazy to put any thought or action into making this situation different'.  Trust me, pal - you don't want to keep this in your arsenal of go-to phrases around the ladies.

10.  This week, we welcome UVA freshman wide receiver and kick return specialist Darius Jennings to the world of Look 'Hoos Tweeting.

@djennings_cav6 (UVA WR Darius Jennings) - the mall here is whack.  I can't wait to go home.  LOL

Sad, but true.  Growing up in Salem and then attending college at UVA, it was very depressing to find out that Fashion Square Mall in Charlottesville was actually worse than Valley View Mall in Roanoke.  Now that I'm living in Northern Virginia, I'm literally embarrassed for Fashion Square Mall.

@djennings_cav6 (UVA WR Darius Jennings) - Its always great to find money that you didn't know that you had.  #winning

Life's little joys!  #winning is right!  Is there anything better than putting on an old coat or a pair of dress slacks on and find a $20 bill in the pocket?

11.  We now come to the 'realizations' section of this week's Look 'Hoos Tweeting. 

@Lbow70 (UVA OG Luke Bowanko) - I think I was my groups fat friend #fatfriendrealizations

Poor Luke.  While he may be large, he's certainly getting the last laugh now as the starting guard for UVA's offensive line.  Keep your chins up buddy!

[caption id="attachment_395" align="alignright" width="102" caption="Woody Dorm is where it's at! Photo / Facebook"][/caption]

@_CT55 (UVA LB Caleb Taylor) - No hot water, used to have no ac now its cold we have no heat smh #uva dorms

Yea, all you old dorms people think you're so cool.  You have all the girls sun bathing in the quad.  You have the Castle.  Well, look 'hoos laughing now.  Yep, that's right - the new dorm people.  Elevators, A/C, hot water coming out of our brand new faucets...if you have realized it yet, new dorms > old dorms.

@liveforB (UVA LB Daquan Romero) - I'm tired of people talking about UVA Football not winning and being sorry man...ish get old quick...#TimeforCHANGE

My man, Daquan Romero!  Speak the truth brother, that ish is getting old and the time for change is now.  YES WE CAN!  YES WE CAN!

@DeAnOiNtHeViLlE (UVA DT David Dean) - school at UVA is no joke...got me feeling like a kindergartner in high school

Mr. Dean, I feel your pain brother.  Like most incoming freshman, you've finally realized after a couple of months that there is going to be no easy way out of UVA.  Keep your head down and work hard big fella, it'll pay off for you in the end.

[caption id="attachment_390" align="alignright" width="86" caption="It's all in the genes! Photo / The Internet."][/caption]

12.  This little gem from Jay Mathis was just too good to leave off of this week's list.

Cavboi81 (UVA TE Jay Mathis) - Yo why Asians eat so much but they still be mad small?

One of the world's greatest questions.  Isn't consuming a lot of rice (ie. starch) bad for you?  What about consuming it at every meal?  I demand an answer!  Now!  That Asian dude who eats 1,000,000 hotdogs in one sitting has a six pack, for crying out loud.

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