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Another week, another rousing edition of Look 'Hoos Tweeting!  Before we get to the good stuff, I'd like to point out that I am fully aware that several UVA student athletes have been made aware of this blog and, understandably, may not be it's biggest fan.  That being said, I'd like to point out that I'm very careful what I pull from Twitter - trying not to cross any lines as the absolute last thing I want to do is get any one player in trouble or perceive any one player in a negative light.  I live and breath UVA sports - always have, always will.  My intent in writing this particular blog is to show UVA fans a different, human side of the student athletes that we love to cheer for - a funny side, a serious side, a chance to get to know you better.  Over the last several weeks, this has become a fairly popular mid-week break for Cavalier fans who are looking for something different - something fun. While I will continue to pull weekly tweets together, know that I'm doing it with a careful eye. Now that you know, that I know, that you know I'm writing this...let's get to the tweets (and hit us with some more humor, would ya!).


1.  It was a perfect Homecomings weekend for UVA, capped off by a sterling performance by the football team that resulted in a 24-21 upset of the 12th-ranked Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  For Coach Tony Bennett, it was an opportunity to highlight the best that the University has to offer for the 4 2012 men's basketball commitment that were in town. Here is what that group's headline recruit, Justin Anderson, had to say about the trip:

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@JDotAnderson23 (Future UVA Guard Justin Anderson) #UVA was love!  I know I have senior year to still play and produce, but I cannot wait to play under coach Bennett.  God placed me to play for him!


I think I'm in love...with Tony Bennett.  Does he know how to sell his program or not!? We have a very special coach in Charlottesville who is about to put UVA basketball back on the map.  I'm not sure why Justin left the part out about God not putting him in Charlottesville to win a National Championship...but it certainly sounds like something God would say to me.

2.  Sticking with the 2012 recruiting class, future Cavalier star Evan Nolte had this little gem of a tweet:

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@EvanNolte (UVA Incoming Guard Evan Nolte) If you were to guess my mom's age by the speed in which she drives, it would be at least 80+


The slow driving mom.  Gotta love it.  We have, how do I say this...'shorter' problems that plaque us up here in Northern Virginia.  Anyway, if you were to guess my mother's age by the speed she drives, you would think she was about 16 and went by the name of Jimmie Johnson.  I tried to follow her going up to a UVA-VT game a couple of years back and she got so far out ahead of me I just gave up.  If you're reading this, slow it down mom!

3.  If you haven't heard (or seen) about Mike Scott and Sammy Zeglinski's performance on ESPN U's Teammate Trivia series, then you are missing out my friend.  Not only was it a completely dominant effort by the Cavalier duo, but it was a completely embarrassing outing for their competitors....just take a look at the link below

@MScottuva23 (UVA Power Forward Mike Scott) Me and Sam won the teammate trivia http://t.co/3DU4LDTm

I mean seriously, how do you not know your very own favorite food?  Chicken alfredo, no...steak...no...chicken.  Well, what is it Mr. Snaer?  I'm glad they didn't ask the Florida State boys something really hard, like what color their socks were.  And Travis McKie, it's a fake game show partner, everything is going to be okay.  One more thing, is Sammy growing out a 'fro or not...sure doesn't look like it!  This stellar camaraderie isn't going to extend to the court if we're not all on the same page here Zeglinski.

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4.  UVA basketball player Akil Mitchell had some fine moments on Twitter this past week, let's take a look:

@ajmitchell25 (UVA Power Forward AJ Mitchell) Haha I had to turn on every light in the house just to get to the kitchen, lol scary movies got me #shook

Now, Akil is a large man - 6'8, 237 pounds according to his Virginia biography - so why in the world would any ghost mess with him?  More importantly, why is he still afraid of the dark?  Come on bro...man up!

@ajmitchell25 (UVA Power Forward AJ Mitchell) I told my mom I love her she said ‘I love you too baby’, I told my dad and he said ‘what did you do and how much is bail?’ haha smh

Classic dad.  Never accepting a good 'ole fashioned 'I love you' from his son.  Always assuming something has happened that will disappoint him.  The worst thing is that we all know mom is just using this to her advantage, scooping up all the brownie points from mean 'ole dad.  Classic good cop, bad cop.  Wisen up gentlemen, don't let your wives get the upper hand with your children!  Oh, wait, parenthood is not a competition?  Got it. Moving along...

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5.  @Royal_Flush82 (UVA Wide Receiver Kevin Royal) Who tryna be on my quidditch team

Quidditch?  You must be kidding, Kev!  Well, whatever floats your boat.  I found a group up in Princeton you can join if you really want, the pink tights are optional (I think). Safe...flying?

6.  @MakeDatMoneyUVA (UVA Defensive Back Mason Thomas) How bout that fan support last night

[caption id="attachment_489" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A beautiful sea of blue and orange following Saturday's upset of Georgia Tech. Photo / Mason Thomas"][/caption]

Of all the tweets following the football team's thrilling upset victory over Georgia Tech, this had to be my favorite.  It's been a long time since Cavalier fans have felt so good after a victory...12th-ranked team in the country coming to town, coming off a less than stellar performance against a weak Idaho team, Al Groh on the opposing sideline wearing a track suit, Al Groh on the opossing sideline with his track suit tucked in, Al Groh on the opposing sideline with his track suit tucked in and a belt around his waist to complete the look...really, the list could go on and on.  The picture Mason posted captures the excitement of the day perfectly. #Wahoowa

7.  @Cavboi81 (UVA Tight End Jay Mathis) Can’t compliment people these days YO I swear lol

Preach it, Jay!  Everyone is so negative these days, it seems.  Tell dad you love them, you get accused of a crime.  Tell your wife you like her shirt and she wants to know whats wrong with her jeans.  Give some athletes a weekly shout out on your blog, get hassled for revealing their public facing Twitter accounts.  You know, same old story.  It ain't easy being nice!

8.  While one of our favorite tweeters Mad Max Milien didn't make the list this week on his own accords, his good friend Kris Burd was happy to bail him out by telling the following story on him:

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@kbrud18 (UVA Wide Receiver) This man @multimili thought the hair style was called ‘corn rolls’ instead of ‘corn rows’ hahahaha that’s crazzzzy!! #cmonson

I don't care who you are, that right there is funny.  I mean, I can see where he would be a little confused - I've seen some loose knots out there that look more like cobs...never anything that resembles a corn roll, however.   If I know that they are called corn rows, you probably should too Max.

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9.  @Big Mullah63 (Austin Pasztor)  Next week I’m wearing my tims and a hockey sweater to golf classs…#happygilmore

Now this  I would be good money to see!  After that, I'll just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, and lay be the bay...I just may!

10.  Now we all know it's not easy being a true student athlete at UVA, but the following tweet is quite disturbing:

@Lbow70 (UVA Guard Luke Bowanko) sitting in my hotel room writing a paper the night before a game…heck is wrong with this world?

Seriously UVA?  We have our offensive lineman writing papers in the hotel room the night before the game.  Never mind the fact that the paper was probably assigned 30 days ago.  They don't even have to attend class in Blacksburg, must less write papers.  And our guys are writing them on game day eve!  Now how are we supposed to be taken seriously with this going on?

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11.  All kidding aside, Coach London has done a terrific job of building up the Virginia football brand.  His latest latest triumph was his successful push to get an indoor practice facility built - something that will pay dividends for the program in many ways.  Check out the details at the link below:

@CoachMikeLondon (Mike London) New Indoor Practice Facility http://t.co/nNAQOmzH

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12.  @TRawwww30 (UVA Shooting Guard Thomas Rogers) It’s going to be tough to leave Farmville, they’re getting a bojangles right down the street from me!

BOJANGLES!!  Ah, the bane of my Northern Virginia existence...the lack of Bojangles.  No sweet tea; no perfectly crisp, spicy fried chicken; no seasoned fries.  Growing up in a smaller town, the arrival of Bojangles on Main Street was one of the most glorious days in the history of Salem, VA.

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13.  @EarlJay84 (UVA Wide Receiver EJ Scott) Just updated the iPhone now I don’t have internet on my phone for some reason…why me?  SMH

This one was just too perfect to not end the current week with.  The iPhone 4S - got to have it right?  Wrong!  I've had the damn thing for 2 days now waiting for it to 'activate', all the while my 3GS has been deactivated as a result.  I've never felt so vulnerable!  I've never felt more alone!  If that wasn't enough, it took me about 3 days to update my iPad2 to the new operating system.  Steve Jobs (may in rest in total peace) passes away and the whole kit and caboodle goes up in flames.  Please get your stuff together, Apple.  I have very important calls to make.



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