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Just when you think you're getting set up for a boring week in the Twitterverse with the football team bearing down on the lead in the ACC Coastal Division and the men's and women's basketball team opening their 2011-12 campaigns, Erin Andrew's pretty little self shows up in Charlottesville and causes all kinds of distraction for the guys.  Let's see what else was popping this week...

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1. @ErinAndrews (Erin Andrews) On Virginia's campus to do a sitdown w/ Head Coach Mike London..his journey is inspiring..check out on @CollegeGameDaythis Sat #UVA

First off, the flattering pub the Virginia football team is getting these days is phenomenal.  Virginia stuck gold with a solid performance under the lights in South Beach for ESPN and, after making it 3 victories straight against Duke, the Cavaliers will get another chance to show the college football world Mike London's brand of football in Tallahassee on ESPN2 in   on Saturday night.  Coach London is obviously working his way up the favorable ranks of ESPN, as it only took about a month to graduate from Jenn Brown to Erin Andrews.  Well done, coach!  Of course, when Erin announced via Twitter that she was on campus - well, let's just say the boys were excited.

@Lbow70 (OG Luke Bowanko) Well there goes my concentration

Dont' worry, Luke.  You're not alone.

[caption id="attachment_761" align="alignright" width="243" caption="2, for good measure."][/caption]

@RMetheny15 (QB Ross Metheny)  @ErinAndrews Welcome to Cville! #HoosFootball

Ah, Ross - going the gentleman's route of welcoming Erin to Charlottesville...well played.  Others had different plans for Erin, however...

@Royal_Flush82 (WR Kevin Royal) Erin Andrews is at UVA right now!

@Royal_Flush82 (WR Kevin Royal) Where she at I gotta find her!

@Royal_Flush82 (WR Kevin Royal) Damn she fine!

...That's more like it.  No word yet on whether or not Kev found her, but he seems pretty popular with the ladies so, if he did, who knows?

2.  Speaking of the football team, how ridiculously awesome is it that the Cavaliers - with only 2 games remaining - control their own destiny with regards to a birth in the ACC Championship game?  Here's what they have in mind...

@tim_smith20 (WR Tim Smith) 7-3 is all good and dandy but im trying to finish this season 9-3, then 10-3, and 11-3 #StraightUp

Doesn't get much more to the point than that.  As a side note, the Cavaliers have NEVER won more than 10 games in a season - and have only accomplished that feat 1 time.

3.  The only think more exciting that Virginia's recent surge was the official tip-off of the men's 2011-12 hoops campaign last Sunday at the house that John built.  The boys were ready to go.

@MScottuva23 (F Mike Scott) Twas the night before..

@bubevans1 (PG Jontel Evans) Let's go to the roar fellas! This is the beginning of something special! #uvabasketball

The return of Mike Scott makes me giddy, so I can only imagine the excitement that was building inside of the big man after sitting out his entire senior season with an injury only to be granted another year of eligibility to do work.  His kid on Christmas Eve analogy is perfect.  And, as Bub tweeted, Cavalier fans have completely bought in to this year's basketball team - hoping for something special to happen in Charlottesville on the hardwood.

4.  Another sign that winds of change are blowing in Charlottesville?   In my opinion, the camaraderie shared between the men's football and basketball teams only serve to strengthen the resolve of each program and promote an overall culture of winning.

[caption id="attachment_763" align="alignright" width="239" caption="Maybe TOO much camaraderie."][/caption]

@MORGANMOSES_78 (OT Morgan Moses)  Goin to support my bros tonight @TRawwww30 @MScottuva23@ajmitchell25 @azousene89 @joeharrisuva @bubevans1

@bubevans1 (PG Jontel Evans) S/o to my bros on the gridiron let's get this W today fellas! #uvafootball

This is not an act either.  At every home football game, you can see the men's basketball team - along with all the coaches - taking up the first row behind the visitor's bench, urging on their fellow student athletes.  Likewise, as Big 'Mo pointed out, you can also point out a big group of football players when Mike Scott and gang take the floor in the JPJ.  Oh, and for those of you who don't know, @azousene89 is none other than UVA Center Assane Sene.  Welcome to Twitter, big fella!  Now, up your tweet game bro.

5.  There was a moment during Tuesday's win over Winthrop in Charlottesville that fans thought they were going to see Bub Evans jam the ball after making a great steal.   

@bubevans1 (PG Jontel Evans)  RT @Teddy_Yonkers5 (PG Teven Jones): My Mans @bubevans1 Should Have Dunked It When He Got That Steal....Cmooon Son Lol:: next time bro lol

You heard it hear first, 'next time.'  And don't be fooled, there will absolutely be a next time with Bub's quickness on D.  We'll see if the little man delivers.

6.  Speaking of next time, Tony and the boys are headed down for the sunny skies of the U.S Virgin Islands as the Cavaliers are participating in the Paradise Jam.  It appears that got a very special bus ride upon their arrival this afternoon...

[caption id="attachment_758" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Cheese!"][/caption]

MScottuva23 (F Mike Scott) Gotta ride an hour in this!! LOL (PIC)

You'd expect to see this British Virgin Islands, after all, the UK made the double-decker bus famous.  Not so much in the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, to be exact).  At any rate, the picture is hilarious.  Oh, and tough gig these guys got.

7.  It's not always fun and games, however, for Virginia's student-athletes.  Akil Mitchell and Darius Jennings hit their followers with some very mature words of wisdom this week.

@ajmitchell25 (F Akil Mitchell) You ever notice that crazy thing that always happens after a bad day?... The sun rises

Here! Here!  Another day, another dollar....and always a chance to make things better than that were they day before.

@djennings_cav6 (WR Darius Jennings) Never Assume. Because when you do, you make an ASS of U and ME....

Great advice from UVA's freshman receiver, who appears to be wiser than his age would have you believe.  I like the way he used all the letters.

[caption id="attachment_755" align="alignright" width="177" caption="Holy unibrow, Batman!"][/caption]

8.  Of course, Akil has jokes too! 

@ajmitchell25 (F Akil Mitchell) Young for Kentucky got the MEANEST unibrow of all time lol

'Young' here refers to freshman, in this case Kentucky phenom Anthony Davis who's father may or may not have made $200,000 for his son to attend UK.  And my father, I mean Sasquatch.  I mean, you must be kidding me with that thing.  And why is he missing teeth?

9.  And speaking of sensational freshman, UVA will have one of their own next year in high-flying guard Justin Anderson - aka, 'The Prime Objective.'

@JDotAnderson23 (G Justin Anderson) Vote for ya boy on http://espn.go.com/blog/high-school/boys-basketball/post/_/id/1018/fans-choice-rodney-purvis-vs-justin-anderson

It looks like Prime is well behind Running Rod Purvis right now in the fight for who advances to the final four, so let's get behind our guy and send him through.

10. @RealBPhelps (CB Brandon Phelps) u know somethings wrong when it hurts your groin when u sneeze

Well, that sucks.  I've never pulled anything in my groin area, but if it hurts to sneeze, I want absolutely NO part of it.  I mean, how does he 'use' the bathroom?  Fart?  Really, that sucks.

[caption id="attachment_759" align="alignright" width="225" caption="I scored! Kiss me!"][/caption]

12.   It wouldn't be a proper blog without the inclusion of Jay Mathis, and his creativeness in coming up with a new Twitter vocabulary word make him worthy of another featured tweet.

@Cavboi81 (TE Jay Mathis) Smh I'm sorry but shawty is a Twame!...Twame=Twitter Lame...just made that up!

Twame, I like it!  I guess we'll be hearing Twitch and Twugly next.

13. @multimili (FB Max Milien) Hey @kburd18 @Cavboi81 umm wtf r y'all doing????? LOL (PIC)

Hey, it's been a year since Burd has found the end zone.  Scoring can make guys do some crazy things.

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