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Better Know A Regional Opponent: The Oregon State Beavers

The School: The Oregon State Peltin’ Beavers. Though it’s been around in some form or other since 1856, it did not become Oregon State University until 1961. In all, it has changed its name, and, presumably, it’s mission, an astounding eleven different times, starting as a primary and preparatory school developed by the Freemason known as the Corvallis Academy:

1856 Corvallis Academy

1858 Corvallis College*

1868 Corvallis State Agricultural College

1876 State Agricultural College

1881 Corvallis State Agricultural College

1882 Oregon State Agricultural College

1886 State Agricultural College of Oregon

1890 Oregon Agricultural College

1927 Oregon State Agricultural College

1937 Oregon State College

1961 Oregon State University

Currently, it has the rare honor of being a sea grant, space grant, and sun grant institution, which means it should change its name once more to The Oregon Neptune, Cthulu, and Helios Institute of Corvallis.