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Gordon Monson: The look on Kalani Sitake’s face said it all after he got his new deal. Now it might be time to look out.

The expression on Kalani Sitake’s face was mixed, like a melon sliced in half and then plopped back together slightly off-center.

He had the puffy, reset jaw of a man who had been repeatedly punched but now was ready, all-fired determined to counter attack. His eyes, though, signaled vulnerability and hurt, the kind of sad self-inflicted pain that emerges out of disappointment, out of an important task not well done.

Now it is his job — all the way through 2023 — to go on fixing it, after the announcement on Monday of his contract extension.

In a statement that surprised nobody, Sitake said: “I love our players, coaches and fans and I’m excited about the future of BYU football.