Utah Jazz Sign Five-Year-Old to Contract, Awesomeness Ensues

The Utah Jazz haven't made the news often recently. Things have been quiet in Salt Lake City as the Jazz try to rebuild their franchise in the crowded Western Conference, but one new signing stood out.

The Jazz signed five-year-old J.P Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, to a one-day contract, which allowed him to play in Utah's scrimmage last night.


Gibson has been a Jazz fan his whole life, and starting watching games with his dad when he was one year old. His mom says he's been counting down the days until he turns six, because "he knows he has to be six to play for the Junior Jazz."

This was made possible by the "Anything Can Be" project - part of the Millie's Princess Foundation, which provides financial support and hope to families affected by childhood cancer - who hosted the Gibson family along with the Jazz.

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