9 Ways You Know You're A USC Football Fan

USC is the best school in the world, and there are several things that only USC football fans would understand. Here are nine of the ways you know you're a USC football fan:

1. You've chanted "Hurry up and lose" at an opponent so you can hurry over to the row or 90.

 2. You think THIS (image below) is completely necessary.

3. You know who REALLY won the 2003 and 2004 National Titles and the 2005 Heisman, and you know that the NCAA is completely full of crap.

4. Hearing Tribute to Troy incessantly doesn’t bother you.

5. You know it’s a V for victory and not a peace sign.

6. Seeing the victory bell painted blue is among the most disturbing things you can imagine (don't worry, we won't show that to you).

7. If Notre Dame and UCLA ever played each other, you’d root for the stadium to collapse.

8. You have never even considered storming the field after a win.

9. You hate Lane Kiffin with every fiber of your being.

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