10 Reasons Why You Know You Went To USC

USC is the best school in the world, but there are some things about the school you just have to experience by going to school there - the kind of things that alumni remember and hold dear for their entire lives. Here are 10 of the ways you know you went to USC:

1. You had the private cell number of your favorite campus cruiser driver.

2. You spent every waking minute of four years on the row, but never once parked your car there.

3. Until your junior year, you thought Del Taco (Delta Ko) was a frat house that served food.

4. Fleetwood Mac classics evoke marching band memories.

5. You could not participate in philanthropic endeavors because you decided to give sobriety a try.

6. You’ve taken your drink with you from the 9-0 to Chanos and then back inside the 9-0.

7. You always order a Victory Dog... but never while sober.

8. You made the huge mistake of wearing sandals to the 9-0... the old 9-0.

9. There's visual evidence that you made it to the finger fountain on your senior fountain run, but you don't remember being there.

10. You had bleacher seats to watch sorority rush.

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