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The Perils of Ball-Watching: Musah vs Aaronson

Musah and Aaronson’s performances over their last USMNT window and what they offer to the USMNT has been highly discussed. This especially, with Aaronson’s recent move to the Premier League. Looking at both what happens “on-ball” and what happens “off-ball”. Analysis and discussion on Musah and Aaronson seem very slanted towards offense and on-ball events, so it’s important to talk about what’s happening off-ball and the general effect these players are having on their teammates.


From Musah’s first half the “on-ball” plays: For positives, there were three multi-man runs, and a good progressive pass, For negatives, there were two plays he was bullied into back passing, the errant pass he played in front of the backline, an instance of immediate dispossession when he got hyped with the ball, and a bad clearance he attempted with space and time(for whatever reason we needed 4 attempts to clear here).