UCLA Players, Coaches Accuse Oregon State Defense Of Calling Out O-Line Cadences

UCLA Bruins players and coaches have accused the Oregon State Beavers' defensive line of calling out offensive-line cadences during the Beavers' 41-0 loss to the Bruins on Saturday. UCLA had seven false start penalties, which the Bruins appear to be directly attributing to OSU's allegedly shady tactics.

There was something going on up front, yes,” UCLA head coach Jim Mora said, via Coaching Search. “I’m not gonna talk about it, because it doesn’t really matter what I say. I will just tell you this. It wasn’t on UCLA.”

Oregon State Beavers head coach Gary Andersen defended his team by citing the official rule for defensive "pre-snap movements," adding that he believes UCLA should read the rule. This isn't the first time that one of Andersen's teams has faced these accusations. In fact, he carries a copy of the rule for when accusations come up during the game.

“I could share the old WAC piece of paper with them,” Andersen said. I could share the Big Ten piece of paper, if they’d like to see that also. It’s within the rules. If we can’t say, ‘move,’ and our defense can move side to side, then I would suppose the offense should not be able to go on ‘two,’ the offense should not be able to motion. We’re not gaining any more of an advantage by doing what they’re doing. That’s how I see it. It’s been going on for years, not just one game.”

The rule in question forbids defenses from using "words or signals that disconcert opponents," but it doesn't prohibit defenses from using their own signals. Andersen claims his defensive line was doing the latter, but that's not likely to placate the Bruins in spite of their blowout win.

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