UCLA-Colorado, Redemption or a Let-Down?

Here we are!  Following the first loss in the Jim Mora era brings more questions for the UCLA football program.  Can the Bruins bounce back from a tough home loss to an underrated Oregon State team?  I think Colorado is the perfect team to rebound against.  Then again they may be the worst team to try to get back on track against.

Colorado is the worst team in the Pac-12.  Everybody knows it.  I am sure Colorado even knows it.  A team like Colorado could make the game very ugly and troublesome for UCLA if the Bruins don't come out and put their foot on the gas from the beginning.  How exactly do you do that?  Give the ball to Jonathan Franklin.

Franklin was the best running back in the country through the first two weeks of the season, however in the last couple of weeks he has lacked that speed and power that makes him so special.  I know Oregon State has a very stout defensive front so I will give him a bye on that one, but if Franklin doesn't rack up at least 200 yards and 3 TD's against the Buffalos he can kiss his Heisman chances goodbye.

UCLA football should be back into the top-25 when the rankings come out this weekend.  How do they get back in the top-25 after beating an abysmal team.  Well, I think Oregon State should continue to win and be a top Pac-12 team for most of the season.  A blowout win this weekend against Colorado shows the voters that the team deserves to be in ranked.

Is anybody else noticing the shift in conference powers?  The Big 10 is down, the Big 12 falling right behind them.  The SEC is still the tops, but they are so top heavy.   The ACC and the Big East still seem to be bringing up the rear in the power conferences.  That leaves the Pac-12.  The conference that is rising the quickest.  With 8 teams that may be ranked at some point during this season.  They are rebuilding themselves into THE power conference.

UCLA is building off the conferences success.  As they will play better competition and on a national stage more often with the new Pac-12 network which should bring in a better class of recruits.  The only thing we can hope for is that USC doesn't continually win the LA area recruiting battles.  I think that Jim Mora should be able to start getting some more of the homegrown talent.  Time will tell.

UCLA is going to breeze to a win this weekend and we should even see a backup quarterback getting some play at some point in the second half of the game.  If we don't have a large enough lead to put the backup quarterback into the game then UCLA should not expect any sympathy from their fans.  This is a game that should be decided by halftime.  UCLA 50 Colorado 7

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