It's Game Time UCLA-USC

The game has just recently begun and while the game couldn't have started any better than the way it did for UCLA.  A pick of Matt Barkley on the first throw and a touchdown right after that.  We all know what happened to the Bruins when they faced the Trojans last year and we must make sure to stay ready for the Trojan attack.

This game means a lot for both teams.  The Pac-12 South title is still up for grabs and a win for UCLA or USC would help capture that title.  USC is used to being in this position, but the Bruins haven't been in this position in quite some time.

I have a few ideas for the way this way is going to turn out and I must say that with 10 minutes to go in the first quarter the game is not going quite the way I had thought.  I imagined two teams who would have problems stopping each other and yet so far it is the Trojans who are struggling to stop the Bruin attack.

I remember watching the game last season and sitting there as UCLA players looked like a bunch of incoming freshman playing against NFL superstars.  This season it was bound to be different.  The only thing that I hope for this game is that UCLA players don't get too confident by this start and begin to play a little more relaxed and lackluster.  Teams can tend to do that when they become too confident.

It is time for UCLA fans to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  We have endured quite a few embarrassments lately and it is time for us to take a big win away from the Trojans and their once promising NCAA title run.  A win today for the Bruins means a Pac-12 South victory and depending on some other factors a possible home game for the Rose Bowl.  Bruins are gonna take this game 34-21.

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