Tottenham’s Muddy Waters: Is Jose Mourinho To Be Replaced?

It seems that there trouble in paradise at Tottenham with the team running a loss of four out of the five Premier League games. Having been dealt a 3-0 defeat at Manchester City and dropping out of the FA Cup, Jose Mourinho is under fire and the fans are not relenting on the attack. Of course, fans are not pleased with him because his job is to get results for the team. Unfortunately, it does not seem like any result is coming in, at least for the early part of the year 2021. Dropping out of the Premier League and losing five out of the last six match-ups across different competitions is not something that Spurs and its fans are proud of.

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Why is Tottenham’s Fans Upset?
The losing streak of the team is enough to get the fans upset. Tottenham narrowly lost to Chelsea, thanks to the first-half penalty winning of Jorginho, which was awarded after the foul play by Eric Dier to Timo Werner. The loss did not sit well with the fans, who have expected a better performance. To start with, many believe that Mourinho does not work with great quality of defenders as he used to. This is evident in the error committed by the Spurs center-back team. 

Mourinho and His Past Teams
Going down the memory lane, when Jose Mourinho was at Chelsea, he had some amazing center-backs team with the likes of Ricardo Carvalho and John Terry. While at Inter, he also had Lucio and Walter Samuel who are some of the best center-backs in the world of soccer. 

Unfortunately, the defenders at Tottenham are nothing close to these renowned players. To cap it all up, the goalkeeper has also not done much when compared to other teams that Mourinho has managed. It is obvious that in this season, Spurs has lost more points than any other team that appeared in the Premier League. According to critics, the reactive approach of Mourinho has played a major factor in this.

What Does the Future Hold for Spurs?
Many think that the club does not have to throw away the baby with the bathwater. For the proponents of this ideology, April is around the corner and there is hope that Tottenham will win the Carabao Cup. However, there is another side that wonders if winning this trophy will justify the losing streaks that the team has had. Above all, will it justify occupying the ninth position? Well, maybe not in the real sense of the word. 

There have been talks about the possible replacement of Jose Mourinho as Spurs manager. Speculations have arisen from different quarters and many have begun to throw names around for the possible replacement for the manager. A list floating around about the possible contenders that may take over from the ex-Manchester United boss shows three main candidates. These are Brendan Rodgers, Julian Nagelsmann, and Eddie Howe.

These are just speculations and the world waits to see how the management of Tottenham handles the matter. Will the management retain Jose Mourinho? Will they replace him with any of these three? The answer remains to be seen. 

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