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PGMOL 'must strive for transparency' but hypocritical clubs 'wouldn't dream' of full disclosure - and Howard Webb 'needs to calm down!' Mail Sport's experts have their say on the decision to hand over audio to Liverpool

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Liverpool have now been issued with the audio recordings that led to Luis Diaz's wrongly disallowed goal against Tottenham on Saturday - but should PGMOL have handed it over in the wake of the backlash?

After PGMOL swiftly apologised for the VAR mistake, admitting it was the result of a 'significant human error', Liverpool released a statement demanding access to the audio file, insisting the decision was 'unacceptable' and 'undermined sporting integrity'.

Although PGMOL chief Howard Webb was among those eager to unveil the audio, others within the referees group disagreed with the decision to release it in the aftermath of Saturday's controversial clash.