Who Was On The O.J. Simpson Trial Jury? Meet The 12 People Who Found Him Not Guilty

This article was originally republished on 4/5/2016 before the season finale of "The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story," which focuses on the jury and their verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial.

The first part of ESPN 30 for 30's five-part documentary series "O.J.: Made in America" airs on Saturday night at 9:00 pm ET on ABC, and this article focuses on the members of the jury who found Simpson not guilty. The whole process took 11 weeks, as it was delayed multiple times by a variety of issues. Jury selection starter in late September of 1996, but wasn't completed until early December. Before we detail the 12 members of the jury, we'll provide the details on the selection process and the numerous jurors that were dismissed during the length trial. 

A big tip of the hat to UMKC, which provides plenty of background details on the Simpson jury members and selection process. 

The jury selection process started with 250 potential members. They filled out a length survey designed to determine if they had any biases. There were strict media consumption rules, with jurors being dismissed for watching cartoons with children and waking up to a clock radio. The selection process was briefly held up over a "tell-all" book released by a friend of the victim Nicole Brown Simpson. 

The process was a bitter fight between the prosecution and defense, as both sides tried to get a jury they viewed as favorable. In December, the jury was assembled and told the trial would start the next month. But the original 12 selected were not the final 12 that voted. 

Alternates Not Summoned: 
Watson Calhoun
Reyko Butler

Before we get to the ones that voted and were dismissed, we start with the two that didn't vote. Butler later said she would have voted guilty. 

Dismissed Jurors:
Roland Cooper
Unknown Juror
Kathryn Murdoch
Michael Knox
Jeanette Harris
Tracy Hampton
Francine Florio-Bunten
Willie Craven
Farran Chavarria 

In all, 10 jurors were dismissed before the trial was completed. Cooper and the unknown juror were dismissed on Jan. 18th. The unknown female juror was in an abusive relationship before being dismissed. The defense motioned for the dismissal. Cooper allegedly met Simpson at an event. The prosecution called for his dismissal. 

Murdoch was dismissed in February after it was discovered that she shared a doctor with Simpson who was expected to be a defense witness. 

Knox and Kennedy were dismissed in March. Knox was targeted by the prosecution after he wore a 49ers hat repeatedly to the trial and reportedly offered to bet that Simpson would be found not guilty. Kennedy was targeted by the defense, as she was caught lying about having juror info on a computer. Both later wrote books.  

Harris was dismissed after she failed to disclose a past domestic violence incident. 

Hampton requested to leave in May, as she "couldn't take it anymore." She later posed for Playboy. Florio-Bunten was accused of agreeing to write a book. Her official reason for dismissal was lying about reading a note from another juror. She later said she would have voted guilty. 

Craven and Chavarria both left in June. Craven was accused of bullying and intimidating jurors by the prosecution. Chavarria wanted off the jury and accused Craven of harassing her.  

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Final 12: 
Amanda Cooley
Yolanda Crawford
Ansie Aschenbach
David Alanda
Marsha Rubin-Jackson
Lionel Cryer
Brenda Moran
Sheila Woods
Carrie Bess
Gina Rosborough
Annie Backman
Beatrice Wilson

By the end of the trial, the jury composition broke down as nine black jurors, one hispanic and two white. There were 10 women and two men. Two of the jurors had college degrees, nine had graduated high school and one had no diploma. 

The only original jurors were Cooley (who was also the forewoman), Alanda, Rubin-Jackson, Woods and Backman. Bess, Cooley and Rubin-Jackson later wrote a book together. Only two jurors voted guilty on the first vote, with Aschenbach the only known one. Backman is suspected to be the other. 

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