Who Should Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Be?

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the fact that Conor McGregor played a major role in making the UFC what it is now. It shed a light on the competition and the sport and managed to lift it in levels that none of us would thought are possible 5-6 years ago.

He was supposed to make a massive comeback against Dustin Poirer in the first PPV event of 2021, but Dustin managed to shock the world by becoming the first fighter to knock Conor out. While all of us were happy for Dustin, the image of Conor laying on the ground was a bit heartbreaking.

But, the good news is that he plans on staying active and keeping up with the competition, as the division is stacked and he will be looking for another great fight. Fans that like to place bets are already wagering on who should his next opponent be. Due to the popularity, many online bookmakers have started accepting bets on this topic. If you are one of the fans that are certain as to who should Conor fight next and want to wager their opinion – feel free to check out vedonlyontibonukset.com as the site has a list of the best betting sites of 2021.

All this talk about McGregor’s next fight caught our attention as well, so we decided to weigh in on the debate and name our list of 3 fighters that should be on Conor’s schedule.

Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson is probably the most logical option for Conor at this point. Both fighters are coming off of losses and both of them have exchanged words and sparked a rivalry from way back. Tony is a very acrobatic fighter who can take on a massive beating, which is exactly what Conor likes to do. Putting these two in the cage would be a true spectacle.

Justin Gaethje
Justin Gaethje is one of the top contenders for the lightweight belt at this point, so a win against him would put Conor back on track and could land him a potential title fight by the end of 2021. Justin is also coming off a loss against Khabib and considering the fact that Justin is a formidable striker and Conor is one of the best counter-punchers in the game, we do not doubt that this fight would be amazing to watch.

Dustin Poirer Trilogy
The minute Conor lost to Dustin Poirer, the two began discussing a possible third fight. We are certain that the trilogy will happen, we just don’t know at what stage. There have been speculations that they might do it as soon as May or June and that the fight would be for lightweight gold, but that would be unfair towards Charles Oliveira. So, if Dustin fights Charles first and loses, a match between him and Conor, would be a very wise decision as it would give Conor the chance to fight for the belt in his next bout.

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