Who Is Nicole Brown Simpson's Friend Faye Resnick And How Did She Affect The O.J. Trial?

Episode Four of "The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Court Story" will air Tuesday night on FX. The episode will feature Faye Resnick, a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson. To help answer the question of "who is Faye Resnick" and "how did Faye Resnick impact the O.J. Simpson trial," we've put together all the information about Resnick that you need to know below. 

Resnick's Relationship With Brown Simpson:
A self-described "Beverly Hills Socialite," Resnick claimed to be a close friend of Brown Simpson. Resnick claimed in 1994 that Brown Simpson feared O.J. would murder her and get away with it. 

"Nicole truly believed and told me on many occasions that O.J. would kill her and get away with it," Resnick told People Magazine. "I promised her that if that happened, I would tell everything I knew about their abusive relationship."

That promise led to the publishing of a book from Resnick.

Resnick's Book:
The book is titled "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary Of A Life Interrupted" and includes multiple scandalous details. Resnick claims that Simpson had an affair with actress Tawny Kitaen and that Simpson beat and stalked Brown Simpson. O.J. admitted to the affair during the civil trial, but denied that he beat his ex-wife.

The other major detail to come from the book is that Brown Simpson had an affair with former NFL running back Marcus Allen, a friend of Simpson's. The book was published just before the O.J. murder trial started and it had an impact on the proceedings. 

How It Affected The Trial: 
Jury selection was underway when Resnick's book was released. As a result of the book's release, judge Lance A. Ito suspended the jury selection process to weigh the impact of the book. Both the defense and prosecution approached Resnick is very different ways and she played a role in the trial, despite never testifying. 

The prosecution viewed Resnick as a liability, in part because of her background and history. Resnick was a known cocaine addict/former addict and the defense had done everything they could to discredit Resnick and her book. 

The defense tried to advance the theory that Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were not killed by Simpson, but by drug dealers searching for Resnick. The defense claimed that Brown Simpson was mistaken for Resnick and killer Brown Simpson and Goldman. The judge in the trial barred the defense team from using that theory as a defense because there was no evidence to support it.  

Where She Is Now: 
In 1997, Resnick posed nude for Playboy. She's appeared in several reality TV shows in recent years as well. She's made several appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She also made on appearance on Keeping up with the Kardashians, as a guest at Kris Jenner's birthday party. Jenner was friends with Brown Simpson and Resnick and her then husband, Robert Kardashian, was on Simpson's defense team.

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