WATCH: Junior League World Series Player Jack Regenye Makes The Catch Of The Year

The Junior League World Series just produced what is the catch of the year for baseball. Jack Regenye, playing for Pennsylvania's Kennett Square team, pulled off an unreal home-run robbing catch Sunday.

The Junior League Series doesn't get the same level of hype as the Little League World Series, so you're forgiven if you weren't watching. But you can check out the play below. 

The Junior League World Series isn't the Little League World Series, as the junior one is for older players. They're all 13-to-15 years old, including Jack. The Little League World Series features 11-to-13 year olds. 

This play wasn't without controversy, however. The Chinese Taipei manager came out to argue the call, the umpires gathered and overturned the call to a home run. After the batter rounded the bases, the umpires got back together and correctly ruled it was an out. 

Despite the incredible grab, Chinese Taipei came out on top in the title game. It's their fifth straight Junior League World Series championship. 

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