Vert Shock Program: Does it Work?

For those who have dreamt of dunking like a pro but can’t increase their vertical jump, there is an amazing solution. Follow a short program and you’ll the best results, no matter how far you are from being a pro player.

The best thing about this program is that it works for improving skills in other sports too: it’s great for soccer and volleyball players and for the high jumpers. So, not only will you bet the best dunker, but you will excel at other sports that require a good jump.

The program is called the Vert Shock Program, and it has been created by Adam Folker, who thought of teaching others his own skills. Along with his mentorship, he is also the co-owner with Justin Darlington – the best dunker in the world.

All you have to do is get motivated to start and finish the 8-week program, with the help of these two mentors.

Follow the folker training system and you will become a great basketball player. The training will help you become strong and fast, improving your jumping ability. The vertical jump will increase in height in such a short time, that will seem astonishing.

Here is more information on the program: what it contains and what it focuses on.

The Vert Shock Program
This is not a normal basketball training session. It will use different special methods that will shock the muscle system. Through shocks, your jumps will get higher in no time!

You will train through plyomeric and body weight exercises, which will not only improve your game, but they will also keep your body healthy. The whole program will be a gradual improvement of your jump, slicing the process in three phases.

Phases Of Vert Shock
Strength and condition improvement will do wonders for the vertical jump. This is why, along this program, you will train your muscles through different methods.

1. The Pre Shock Phase

This phase will last 7 days and it focuses on preparing the body for the next one, which lasts longer. In this phase, you will learn about the muscles and how to successfully train them. After this phase, you will also see that you can jump 3-5 inches higher than before.

2. The Shock Phase

The second phase is concentrated inside a 6-week training session. You will be able to increase your initial jump ability with 9-15 inches. This will happen through the plyometric and strength training exercises that you’ll have to do 4 times a week in one-hour sessions.

3. The Post Shock Phase

The last phase will solidify your high jump ability and will also provide a good way of basketball training. You will use your muscles effectively to improve your vertical jumps by the end of the last phase.

Both slow jolt muscle fibers and the fast jolt muscle fibers will be put to work to help you jump as high as possible. So, knowing how to activate them and how to train them is very important.

The success rate of the Vert Shock Program by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington is huge, with a lot of people admitting to have up-ed their game, while also keeping them healthy and in the perfect shape.

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