Steph Curry Goes Wild In Our Top 10 Plays In Sports For February 22nd

Today's top ten plays of the day in the world of sports are extremely NBA heavy, but that's what happens when Steph Curry breaks Twitter TWICE and sends basketball social media junkies into a frenzy. Let's count down the "WOW!" moments of a busy Monday with our Top 10 Plays In Sports For Monday, February 22nd.

10. Hassan Whiteside thunders home a resounding OOP.

9. Gorgui Dieng beats the third-quarter buzzer with gusto.

8. Marcus Smart must have suction cups for hands.

7. Mike Richards scores controversial game-winner for the Washington Capitals.

6. Kyrie Irving always presses spin cycle.

5. GREEK FREAK. That is all.

4. Steph Curry is a mean, mean man.

3. Jim Harbaugh lets his WWE Nerd flag fly at RAW in Detroit.

2. Fredette answers "We Want Jimmer!" chants at MSG with a debut three.

1. Steph Curry breaks all ten ankles on the court for the Atlanta Hawks.

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