Sports Fans Love OddsMarket: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post provided by OddsMarket

Keeping up with all of your favorite teams is about to get a whole lot easier. OddsMarket has recently been dropped into its own tidy little corner of the internet and is here to make sports fans’ lives easier!

Find Everything You Need With Ease!
When you get to the site, you’ll notice a few things right from the get-go. It’s crisp, clean, and easy to navigate. 

On the top bar or header, you’ll see:
- A drop-down of sports A-Z
- A search bar to find events
- A calendar icon that you can use to stay on top of upcoming events and games/matches around the world
- An area that says ‘Your Account’. Here you can customize your user experience.
- Betting tips, where you will find game previews
- Bookmakers Review where you can see reviews and pluses and minuses of the most popular online sportsbooks
- Betting resources -calculators, seasonal odds
- And the betracker and bet slip. The tracker will make your life so much easier (if you place the occasional bet

In the main body of the home page, you’ll also notice two large tabs, Football & Tennis and Top Events.

This lets you switch between the content displayed on the main page with ease. You’ll get the major market betting odds from the most trusted sportsbooks on earth, along with scoreboards and start-time countdowns.

Specialized Information for Betting or Fantasy
Luckily, there are a lot of places that we can find information on our favorite teams. However, that information is usually the same thing regurgitated across various sites. When you check ESPN, or Yahoo, or CBS sports … the headlines are going to be similar and the content and data will all be virtually the same. OddsMarket was designed around data aggregation algorithms for bettors. This means you’ll find articles with specialized situational information designed to give you a betting edge. The same information can give you a unique approach to fantasy sports as well. 

Rule the Stool: Historical Data Aggregation
The site is new, but the data collection algorithms are freaking awesome. So overtime, the historical data for teams and head-to-head matchups is just going to get more and more comprehensive. 

You’ll be able to arm yourself stats and situational data that will have all of the patrons at your local sports pub bowing in acquiescence that your sports knowledge is more developed than theirs.

The Calendar
Have you ever tried to find the score for a game in a series or between two teams that have played a few times during the season? Google isn’t always the best at making sure you get the right game … you are left checking the dates to make sure you are indeed, seeing the correct results.

OddsMarket’s events calendar will solve this problem. Simple choose the sport or league and cycle backward through the dates and you can find the results for literally any professional sporting event that took place almost anywhere in the world.

The calendar is also programmed with information on upcoming events. So you’ll never miss a beat on when and where your favorite teams are playing.

Bettors Love The Tracker
If you are even a casual better, this tool will come in handy. One of the biggest problems sports bettors face is proper money management. Dealing with spreadsheets over an entire season to track the wins, losses, and exact wager amounts with the price in which you got in on the bet can be tedious at best. But it is essential to success. Most people start strong with this task … but finish weak.

The bet tracker does the work for you. While you are sifting the odds you can click on either team or side with the odds you like. This will pull up the slip and allow you to add it to your tracker. It automatically does the math and gives you your win percentages and money amounts based on how much you wagered, the price or vig, and whether you won or lost! No more spreadsheets for you, my friends!

Live Odds

This is clutch! Not only for sports bettors but it is useful in fantasy situations too. Seeing how much a team is favored by and getting the real-time movement on the odds can clue you into key factors. 

Let’s use the NBA for example, Wednesday’s playoff showdown between the Celtics and 76ers, Boston has hung around as -1.5 point favorites across the board. So we suddenly saw a game move to a pick ‘em (no point spread) we could assume that something happened. Is there an injury? Is the coach not going to be present? Something like this tells us we need to investigate the subtleties of the matchup.

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