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Sources: NCAA officials mulling change to allow on-field corporate sponsorships

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. — Outside of the Hilton Sandestin, a beachside resort where the Southeastern Conference historically holds its annual conference meetings, the league’s logo illuminates the hotel’s exterior in the dark of night.

This week, it is the SEC Hilton Sandestin. Or the Hilton Sandestin presented by the SEC.

It is fitting. Soon, perhaps in this very conference, sponsorships will be expanded to football fields and, even, player jerseys.

Within the NCAA’s government structure, officials are seriously considering legislative changes to permit schools to display corporate logos on their football fields. While more debate is expected next month within the NCAA playing rules oversight committee, administrators expect a resolution that opens the door for on-field sponsorships — and, perhaps eventually, corporate patches on player jerseys.