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MAQB: Do the Packers Believe Jordan Love Is Ready?

Still working through my notes from the last few days …

Dan Powers/USA TODAY Network (Love); Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports (Jones); Brianna Paciorka/USA TODAY Network (Smith)

• I don’t know how big a part of the equation this would play in the Packers’ decision-making, but I can say that I’m not convinced, based on a few things I’ve heard, the Packers believe Jordan Love is ready to be at the wheel for a championship team. Remember, for all this noise, Green Bay was a better fourth quarter away from the Super Bowl in January, and I do think when you’ve got a team like that, if you’re a GM like Brian Gutekunst or a coach like Matt LaFleur, it’s your responsibility to protect said team’s ability to compete for a title.