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'I Never Had My Doubts': After Five Straight Losing Seasons as a Coach, Chip Kelly Is Back

PASADENA, Calif. — Beneath that visor of his, Chip Kelly watched the team across the way carry out warmups.

They were big and they were fast. They were tall and they were quick. They resembled the teams he sees playing on Sundays.

“You’re like ‘Holy smokes! That’s a pretty team!'” Kelly says.

LSU brought its five-star talent here to the Rose Bowl on Saturday evening. It brought its 20,000 fans. It brought its high-priced coaches, its national championship pedigree, its SEC might, its No. 16 ranking.

And then it left, run out of the stadium by the UCLA Bruins in a 38–27 drubbing that surely cranks up the heat on Ed Orgeron’s seat and thrusts Kelly’s club into the national spotlight.