The Most Popular Shoes Worn By NBA Players In 2020

Whether you are already a ballplayer or aspire to be one, you will want to know what the NBA is using for their gear. Shoes are certainly the most attainable and the most important piece of equipment that you can get for the sport. Between all of the popular sports brands out on the market, which ones have the most popular shoes for the NBA? We had to do a little research on this to find out the answer.

Nike Kobe 4 Protro: It might come as no surprise given his too recent passing, but the most popular shoes worn by NBA athletes are the Nike Kobe 4 Protro. These were designed when Kobe Bryant retired from the Los Angeles Lakers, so they have been around a few years already, but the Protro model has an extra special design and appearance that you are sure to appreciate.

Air Jordan 34: Another popular basketball shoe worn by the NBA is the Air Jordan 34. While these shoes are popular among the pros, they are also one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet on the market. Air Jordans have been around long enough to have made their mark in the world of basketball and are a consistently reliable choice.

Nike Zoom Freak 1: One of the most-popular shoes worn by basketball players are the Nike Zoom Freak 1. These shoes are built with stability and multidirectional traction as well as extra-responsive cushioning. That means that you will be able to stay light on your feet and still have all of the support that you need to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

Nike KD 12: Another hit from Nike is the Nike KD 12. These shoes were built for Kevin Durant, who always plays with a sense of calm, right up until he makes his move. The KD 12 shoes will help you maintain your energy on your feet, giving you the ability to move quickly right when you need to.

Puma Clyde Hardwood: Moving away from looking at Nike, the Puma Clyde Hardwood is another basketball shoe that is popular with the NBA. These have a more vintage style to them, as they were modeled after Clyde Frazier. They are meant to improve your energy transfer as you run across the court. The forefoot webbing will also increase your stability, making the shoes a part of your foot.

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Popular Brands
It might already be obvious, but the most popular brand for NBA players is Nike. There are a lot of choices from Nike for basketball players, which is partly why the brand is so popular. Their shoes also are not terribly expensive, making them affordable for many athletes. It was reported that over 68 percent of the shoes worn by the NBA are various models of Nike shoes. But, if you are not a fan of Nike, you do not need to feel like you are stuck within the brand.

Adidas also has a lot of great shoes to offer, filling in the areas that Nike lacks. Nike isn’t for everyone, after all, so having a choice in the type of shoe that you get makes a huge difference. The fit is more important than the brand regardless. If you have wide feet, you do not need to concern yourself whether the shoes that you are buying are one of the most popular brands, but instead need to focus on whether the shoes are comfortable and whether they fit your feet well.

Finally, remember that NBA players typically get their shoes custom-fitted to their feet. If you are thinking that you have the same sized feet as your basketball hero, but are uncomfortable in the model of shoes that he wears, remember that he has a distinct advance. The players will often got to a sports lab that analyzes their feet to give them the best fit possible. This kind of technology is not readily available to the average basketball player.

Feel free to try on your hero’s favorite pair of basketball shoes, but remember, your goal needs to be fit and comfort. Design elements should come after a proper fit.

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