Floyd Mayweather Defeats Conor McGregor In 10th Round By TKO

The fight of the year is complete. After a slow start, Floyd Mayweather rallied and defeated Conor McGregor in a 10th round TKO.

The first three rounds belonged to McGregor, getting a point in each. But then Mayweather found a groove and started to land some big punches. He went from losing the first three rounds to winning the next four. The 8th round was extremely close, the type of round that could have swung the outcome in a judge’s decision. But the ninth round was all Mayweather and he finished McGregor quickly in Round 10. 

Here were the final few seconds of the match

The two seemed to enjoy the fight, with both flash smiles in the middle of the match. McGregor, however, showed signs of fatigue down the stretch. He looked gassed in round nine, a round Mayweather dominated.

Round-by-Round Results:
These are the unofficial scores. 

Round 1: Mayweather 9, McGregor 10 (10-9 McGregor)
Round 2: Mayweather 9, McGregor 10 (20-18 McGregor)
Round 3: Mayweather 9, McGregor 10 (30-27 McGregor)
Round 4: Mayweather 10, McGregor 9 (39-37 McGregor)
Round 5: Mayweather 10, McGregor 9 (48-47 McGregor)
Round 6: Mayweather 10, McGregor 9 (57-57 tied) 
Round 7: Mayweather 10, McGregor 9 (67-66 Mayweather)
Round 8: Mayweather 9, McGregor 10 (76-76 tied)
Round 9: Mayweather 10, McGregor 9 (86-85 Mayweather)
Round 10: Mayweather wins by TKO

There like won't be many highlights, but we'll have as many as we can below. 

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