Lil Wayne Discusses His Best Friends In Sports On SportsCenter

Rapper Lil Wayne appeared on SportsCenter late Tuesday night, and spoke on a variety of topics. While Lil Wayne is best known for his musical ability, he's a huge sports fan and has appeared on the show in the past.

On Tuesday, Lil Wayne named several of his closest friends in sports, with most of the names being sports superstars. Here are Lil Wayne's seven best friends in sports. 

WR DeSean Jackson, Redskins

Lil Wayne said that he is "real cool" with Jackson and that the two talk a lot. The two have taken photos together in the past. 

PG John Wall, Wizards

Another player from the Washington, D.C. area that Lil Wayne says he's friends with. Wall is on the record saying Lil Wayne is his favorite rapper. 

PF LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs

Much like Jackson, Lil Wayne says he and "LA" talk a lot. 

C Dwight Howard, Rockets

Another player Lil Wayne talks a lot to (notice a theme here?). Lil Wayne says Howard is a good guy, although Lil Wayne wouldn't speculate on the trade rumors surrounding Howard on SportsCenter. 

PG Chris Paul, Clippers

Lil Wayne called Paul one of his "brothers." The two have taken photos together in the past. 

LB Von Miller, Broncos

The Super Bowl 50 MVP is tight with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne said Miller is one of his homies, and that Miller sent Wayne a video message before the Super Bowl. 

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