In It To Win It: The Experts Leaderboards in the 2019 Pegasus World Cup Bets

The world of sports doesn’t just run around football, soccer, and basketball. Some other types of sports include racing like the Pegasus Horse Racing Tournament. The newest season of Pegasus World Cup is about to commence on January 26, 2019. 

That said, many horse racing bettors have been looking forward to looking who’s going to make it this year and could possibly end up as big winners. Last year's event was a big one and the spectators are looking forward to a bigger and more exciting game this year. 

Hence, we’d like to showcase to you the early bets for today’s edition of Pegasus World Cup. Below is the list of experts early bets which also came out like last year’s big winners. 

City of Light 
City of Light clinched the second place as the last year’s Pegasus World Cup. City of Light’s trainer McCarthy said that they must give out another try as they were drawing close of beating the last year winner which was Demling’s Gun Runner. 

Although it had been announced earlier that this would be City of Light’s last year of running, they were all doing their best to earn a ticket of winning the cup. City of Lights has been undoubtedly tallying a great number of wins throughout its history. 

Last year’s Horse of the Year finalist is also a strong contender for the same award this year. Its trainer Sadler also said that they have secured a spot in the Pegasus World Cup Finals this year and hoping to continue its winning streak 

Accelerate has earned a 7-0 score last year in the same competition. The Horse of the Year award is something that Sadler is also looking up this year as they would also love their bet,  Accelerate to excel in other division of the competition. 

Gun Runner 
Jody Demling’s Gun Runner had emerged the big winner of the 2018 Pegasus World Cup Championship. Demling was a handicapped racer who slew all divisions in the said competition beating the best of the best. 

Moreover, Gun Runner had also successfully graced all major racing events such as Belmont, Arkansas Derby, and Preakness. He’s also been winning all major competitions in the West Coast earning prestigious winning integrity in all its races. 

Lastly, 2019 Pegasus World Cup is just a week away, Demling has successfully locked in his final best and leaderboards in the racing. In Spite of having great competitors, Demling still believes that Gun Runner will still able to make it this year. 

Seeking the Soul
Last year’s world cup, Seeking the Soul ended fifth but has finished fourth in five subsequent parts in the race. He slew the Ack Ack G3 part, edging a 2 ¾ inches against its competitor which is the City of Light who ended up in a second spot in the Breeder’s Cup. 

Its trainer Dallas Stewart, confirms its entry to the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. He added in his interviews that his horse has been doing very good and have high hopes that they will still end the event with a graceful and victorious exit. 

Lastly, Seeking the Soul joined a huge competition in the Cigar Mile. He came out as a strong contender. Though Seeking the Soul didn’t make it to this competition, he showed a great performance of almost beating all the veteran horse racers in the said event.

The Gunnevera has earned a lot of winning streaks in different horse racing competition. Its trainer Margoth believes that Gunnevera has a big chance of earning a winning spot because it had been doing well in the last year’s edition of Breeders Cup.

They have successfully locked in a spot in the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. In the 2018 Season, Gunnevera placed third and Margoth once said that he’s been working with his horse very well to make sure he’ll emerge as the big winner this year. 

The last but surely not the least is McKinzie. In all editions of Pegasus World Cup, McKinzie has never came defeated in all its entry. McKinzie comes as the biggest and hardest competitor to all racers.  

Some say the McKinzie’s joining the 2019 Pegasus may still be undetermined, his trainer Baffert has trained him very well and prepares him in the best condition so they’ll be able to make it. 

This years edition for the Pegasus World Cup will grace in few more days. Top contenders of last year have been working very well to train their horse to have the strongest bet on the Pegasus World Cup. 

Hence, the said tournament will definitely give the crowd a wonderful show to look forward. Familiar as it may seem, the 2019 Pegasus World Cup will surely be another year full of excitement in the horse racing history.

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