History Of The Dallas Cowboys Uniforms And Logos

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So, in the spirit of the season getting so close in the future, let’s remember about one of the most popular rugby teams in the United States. Here is the history of the Dallas Cowboys uniforms and logos: learn how they changed over the years!

Who Are Dallas Cowboys?
This legendary team was founded in 1960. They almost immediately became the most successful players since the downfall of the All-America Football Conference in 1950. In fact, under the expert coaching of Tom Landry, the Cowboys even won two Super Bowls during the first two decades of their existence. 

In the 1990s, the team had a change of coaches. They were further trained by Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer. This was a very exciting time for the Cowboys, as they managed to win three out of four consecutive Super Bowls! At this point, the team had the love and recognition of the whole nation.

Today, the Cowboys are among the most popular NFL teams. Only five years ago, they were valued at $4 billion, absolutely breaking the record for the most valuable sports team on the planet! As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to keep up with authentic logos and uniforms. This encourages brand awareness and love from the public.

The official brand of the Dallas Cowboys is pretty simple. It’s a perfectly shaped blue star that hasn’t changed much in the last sixty years. The consistency in the visual image of the logo turned it into one of the most recognizable brands in the world of sports. The only change that the team had with their emblem was adding a while line around the star in 1964.

There was one more change of the famous star logo of the Dallas Cowboys in 2000. This was the anniversary year for the team celebrating 40 successful years in the world of professional sports. So, a banner and an inscription were added to show appreciation and support to the fans. After that, there were no changes made to the logo anymore.

Unlike the logo, the uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys changed quite a bit. Just like in any other sport, the team has two sets of jerseys.

Home uniform. In the beginning, it was a white helmet with blue jerseys and little blue stripes.
Away uniform. It was the same as the home attire but in reverse. The jerseys were white with white stripes on small patches of blue fabric. The helmets were also white.

Same as with the logo, 1964 came with changes to the uniforms. Now, the team had reversed colors: white home jerseys and blue away attire. Also, there were no more stripes on the shoulders of the players, only on the helmets. Since 1964, there have been minor changes to the uniforms. There are some notable dates in this matter.

For this period, the players’ numbers moved from the top of the shoulders to their sleeves. 

The whole season during this year marked the change of helmet colors. A red stripe was added to white and blue lines. This way, the team showed their commemoration to the two-hundredth anniversary of the country.

During this period, the team had a change in their pants part of the uniform. The numbers in white color were added on the hips of the players.

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the National Football League. Of course, the Dallas Cowboys had to show their appreciation and dedication to the NFL and their consecutive Super Bowl wins! So, the players presented the Double Star outfits with stars on their shoulders. This jersey was also used a couple of times later during that season.

During this Thanksgiving season, the Dallas Cowboys used their first uniform from the 1960s. The fans loved it so much that it became a part of their regular jerseys. From this point, the players usually took this third outfit for a spin on Thanksgiving Day every year.

This year, the team used their new Color Rush outfits for the first game during the Thanksgiving season.

Now you know everything there is to know about the logos and uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys! Of course, as you can see, there were no drastic changes for six decades. At the same time, this shows stability and keeps the brand on point!

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