He Could Never Play Sports Because Of Autism, But When He Finally Got His Shot, He Shocked EVERYONE

The story of high school basketball player Jason McElwain is one of the most heart-warming and amazing stories you'll ever here.

McElwain is a huge basketball fan, but his autism had kept him from playing for most of his life. Still wanting to be involved in the game, he served as his high school (Greece Athena) team's manager, but practiced whenever he could.

Then, on senior night, he suited up for the team. Getting to wear his jersey may have been enough, but in the fourth quarter of the blowout, McElwain found himself on the court after he was put into the game.

What followed was one of the most astonishing sports moments ever.

McElwain drained six three-points and another shot, finishing with an incredible 20 points in just minutes of action.

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