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Quick Hitters: January 5th: New England Patriots Drama, Ryan Shazier Update, NBA Highlights, & More!
In today's episode of the Quick Hitters video podcast, host Jordan Giorgio takes you through all the latest news surrounding the drama within the New England Patriots organization. How true are the rumors of a rift between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft? Did Brady really force the team to trade Jimmy Garappolo? If true, could this spell the end for the vaunted Dynasty? Jordan has all the info you need! 

Plus, Jordan also has highlights from last night's NBA action including the Golden State Warriors victory over the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder's win over the Los Angeles Clippers. And don't miss out on the latest update about Ryan Shazier's injury either! Jordan has all the info about his recent spinal stabilization surgery and how his recovery is progressing! This is an episode you won't want to miss!

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The Cam Rogers Show - Episode 48: Wild Card Predictions, Super Bowl 52 Odds, and Latest NFL Coaching Rumors
In this edition of The Cam Rogers Show video podcast, Cam Rogers gears up for the first round of the 2018 NFL Playoffs by breaking down each Wild Card matchup and giving you his predictions for the game. Can Marcus Mariota lead the Tennessee Titans to a victory over Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs? Will Matt Ryan be able to clutch it up and keep his Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs against a tough LA Rams team? Cam’s got all the info you need! 

Plus, your host also has the most recent odds for Super Bowl 52. Find out which team has the best shot at taking home the Lombardi trophy this year and which team is this season’s dark horse. Here's a sneak preview of the 4-6 spots! 

6. Philadelphia Eagles - 15/1
5. Los Angeles Rams - 12/1
4. New Orleans Saints - 4/1

Watch the rest of the episode to see the full list! 

And you won’t want to miss out on the latest NFL coaching rumors and news! Are Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft in danger of splitting up the New England Patriots Dynasty? Who really was behind the Jimmy Garappolo trade? And what other NFL coaching candidates could see themselves hired in the coming weeks? Cam has all that and so much more on this episode of the Cam Rogers Show! 

Cam can be contacted by email: or on Twitter: @MrRogers99

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The Michigan Football Report With James Yoder
The offseason is in full swing for the Michigan Wolverines and over here at the Michigan Football Report video podcast we’ve got all the latest info about what’s been going on in Ann Arbor! Join Lena Bond and THE Michigan Football Insider, James Yoder, as they take you through all of the latest news and rumors surrounding this Wolverines program, recap the 2018 football schedule, and take a look at some way-too-early rankings for next season! 

The rumor mill is churning away in Ann Arbor and your hosts are breaking down all of the latest info with our Harbaugh head Rumor-O-Meter! Has Devin Bush Sr. been promoted from defensive specialist to special teams coach? Are the Wolverines asking for players and coaches to grad-transfer in? And has Jim Harbaugh been staying up all night due to being torn up about the 5-loss season? We help you figure out what’s F-A-C-K and what’s fiction on this Michigan Football Report! 

Plus, James and Lena take a look through the Wolverines 2018 schedule and way-too-early rankings! How high have the Wolverines landed on 2018 projected rankings? What games should Jim Harbaugh be extra prepared for by next season? And just how many of these games should be winnable for next year’s squad? We’ve got all that info and more on this Michigan Football Report!

Our hosts can be contacted by email: or or on Twitter: @lenabondsports and @jamestyoder

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NFL Daily: Wild Card Weekend Preview, Rumors Roundup, Super Bowl Odds, & More!
On this episode of the NFL Daily video podcast, host Cam Rogers takes you through each of the matchups from this Wild Card weekend, breaks down the latest NFL rumors, and brings you the latest Super Bowl 52 odds! Can Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons overcome last season's chokejob to win against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams? Will Drew Brees march the New Orleans Saints to victory over Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers? Cam's got all the previews you need to get ready for Wild Card weekend in this episode! 

Plus, Cam also has the latest news on the NFL rumors that have been swirling about! Who was really responsible for the New England Patriots' trade of Jimmy Garrappolo? Is Jon Gruden really going to be the Raiders new head coach? And could this be the last time we see Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft working for the same team? Find out all that and so much more on this edition of NFL Daily! 

Cam can be contacted by email or on Twitter: @MrRogers99

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