Blue and Red: The Meaning of Colors in the NFL

Colors are more than an aesthetic choice. They convey information, change the meaning of certain images, and decisively affect the mood of audiences. However, colors are perceived differently around the world, with striking differences between Western and Eastern countries. Moreover, the meaning of colors has changed over time, and as marketing evolved, certain colors gained new meanings and became associated with certain brands. 

In different sectors, such as entertainment, interior design, art, and sports colors are used differently to establish visual identities. There are many colors frequently used in sports that would be considered too extreme or off-putting in areas such as art or interior design.

In this article, we will explain some of these differences and take the NFL as an example to explore how colors are used in the world of sports.

Blue is one of the most used colors in logos and kits in the NFL, and is the dominant color in the NFL’s logo. The New York Giants, the Tennessee Titans, the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions are all examples of teams that are known for their blue kits and logos. Blue is a recurring color in sports as it expresses intelligence and professionalism.

Blue has long been linked to art, royalty and the military, and it conveys a feeling of unity and cooperation. It is no coincidence that brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Dell or HP have chosen this color for their logos and overall layout. It conveys a sense of calmness and quietness associated with the ocean and the sky. Additionally, blue combines a feeling of reliability and fun as it was used abundantly in the iconic Windows XP layout and many other online entertainment tools. For instance, you will find at Genesis Casino that blue, as the dominant color, is used to convey a sense of trustworthiness while maintaining the excitement that comes with gambling.

Being a warm color, red is naturally associated with strong emotions. Teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or the Kansas City Chiefs have adopted red as their logo or kit color reflecting their energy, optimism, determination and dedication to the sport. In fact, studies show that, thanks to complex psychological factors, teams wearing red can gain an advantage in matches.  

Red actively works as a call-to-action and can efficiently grab viewers' attention, being associated with love and fire. It is not surprising that this color is linked to energy, boldness and confidence. While in fashion and art red is considered a rather aggressive and impactful color, in marketing it has been adopted by tech giants YouTube and Netflix, as well as by the most famous soft drink in the world, Coca-Cola. Furthermore, red has also become a color most associated with Christmas because of Santa Claus, and here it conveys a sense of familiarity and cosiness.

Patriotism and the flag
American Football is deeply rooted in the United States, so it's no surprise that the reason these two colors are such a hit among NFL teams is that red and blue are the two main colors associated with the US flag, and by extension are considered noble and patriotic colors.

Ultimately, these colors are a symbol of the pride of both sports fans and teams and of how powerful it is around the country.

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