Twitter Explodes Over "Coward's Way Out" Rant By California Chrome Owner, Steve Coburn

After California Chrome and jockey Victor Espinoza failed in their bid to capture the Triple Crown in Saturday's Belmont Stakes, Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn went on a rant to end all rants.

Coburn took his post-race interview opportunity to blast some of the race's other owners for failing to race their horses in either the Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes - including Belmont winner Tonalist:

"It's not fair to these horses that have been in the game since Day 1," Coburn told NBC, via Jay Hart of Yahoo! Sports. "... This is a coward's way out in my opinion ..."

"Our horse had a target on his back," Coburn continued, visibly upset. "Everybody else lays out one, or they won't run in the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness. They'll wait until the Belmont. You know what, if you've got a horse, run him in all three."

What did Twitter have to say about all this?

Well, Coburn has his supporters...

He also has his critics...

But, mostly people are just having fun at his expense.


Horse racing is now officially a Twitter generation sport.


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