7 Things To Consider When Dating An Athlete

One of the most tremendous aspects of connecting with other singles on a sites like this is the fact you are embarking on a journey into the unknown. These matching outlets are so popular you are likely to come across a diverse range of candidates for romance, from bank managers to plumbers, shop assistants to professional footballers. There is no end to the possibilities of the people you could get familiar with. But what happens if you happen to find yourself dating an athlete? What are seven of the most important things to consider?

Training routine
If you've been used to dating non-athletes, you will never have had to factor in the prospect of going out with someone who spends so much spare time involved in strenuous exercise. Once you enter a relationship with an athlete, you'll need to prepare yourself for playing second fiddle to the demands of their gym membership, not to mention exercises at home and a desire to go out jogging at any time of day.

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Sleeping pattern
Athletes pay so much attention to looking after their well-being that the chances are they will not be willing to indulge in too many late nights. Where you would once have been used to an active social life involving partying, late-night bars, and dancing into the small hours, your athlete will expect to be safe at home and tucked up in bed by a perfectly respectable hour.

Mood swings
Athletes like to push themselves to the limit. If they're involved in a competition their goal is to win, with many of them regarding a runners-up medal as a sign of failure. This will instill a hunger for success and a crushing disappointment at defeat, with very few moods in-between these extremes. So be prepared for a volatile temperament.

The will to succeed
Athletes who are constantly focusing on achieving the optimum results will be in the zone for lengthy periods. Your presence will occasionally seem like a distraction to them. Recognize that this is just an aspect of their greater goals, and never be disheartened – this is certainly no reflection on you whatsoever. Always be completely supportive of their efforts.

Athletes look after their physicality – you could say it's part of the job description. So they are liable to be much fitter than you, and might inadvertently speed ahead when you go out for a walk together. When it comes to intimacy, a fit athlete, bursting with energy, is likely to be able to last much longer. It would, therefore, not harm to try and at least keep up with them by looking after your wellbeing, ensuring you get as much exercise as possible.

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Time management
Athletes are always so focused on training and taking part in events that they will be dedicated to their pastime 24/7. This means they will have little time to factor in other aspects of their relationship. If you want a night out at the movies, then you will need to give them plenty of warning.

Dietary requirements
When you start dating an athlete, thoughts of takeaway meals and refreshing pints of beer will, unfortunately, have to be consigned to the memory bank. Nights out to your favorite restaurant will have to become something which occurs on special occasions only. Athletes consider everything they take onboard with extreme caution, so junk food of any description is a big no-no. If you must feast on a bar of chocolate, best to do this surreptitiously so that you don't cause any ill-feeling!

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