The 5 Best Sports for Adults This Summer

We know you love watching and chatting about your favorite sports. But this summer, you might feel the urge to experience something new and become immersed in a sport you've never tried before. 

Whether you thrive on learning and developing skills, want to meet new people, or need something to shake up your routine, we have a few suggestions you should give a go. These sports are less common for adults but are deeply rewarding and will help you meet your social and fitness goals by Labor Day.

Check out our list of the top five best sports for adults this summer and see which you feel inclined while the warm weather is still around.

1. Airsoft Sports
Instead of sitting on the couch playing a first-person shooter video game, why not get out on the field for your own battle? Airsoft sports allow players to engage in a mock military battle. Airsoft weapons are similar to paintball guns but less messy and painful to play with. 

With airsoft fields around the country, you can quickly find people to play with and get started as a fierce airsoft sports competitor. So get yourself the best airsoft pistol and take on your friends! 

2. Ultimate Frisbee
If you used to love throwing around a Frisbee with friends, you would love ultimate Frisbee. This is a fairly new game, but already looking to have a place in the Olympics soon. If you're not familiar with the sport, know that it combines many favorites, including soccer, football, and basketball, but with a Frisbee instead of a ball. 

Ultimate will get you running around while improving your hand-eye coordination, strength, and agility. 

3. Cycling
Riding a bike is like… well, riding a bike! Maybe you haven't hopped on a bike in years, or you never got around to learning yourself. But with so many health benefits and cycling clubs anywhere you go, it could be the perfect sport for you. 

Cycling provides an excellent cardiovascular workout without the pressure on your knees that you may get from running. Cycling can be done easily with friends just for fun. But of course, racing will provide those competitive souls with the adrenaline to keep pedaling.

4. Swimming
If watching the Olympics this summer has you ready to compete and be more physically active, swimming may be the perfect sport for you. 

Swimming is easy on the joints as you move through the water but demands a fiercely competitive spirit. This sport will keep people of all ages fit and ready to jump in the pool. So find a local swimming club near you, and start having fun with some friendly competition while cooling off in the pool this summer. 

5. Kickball
We've all heard of adults softball leagues, but kickball is the new adult sport in town that's taking over. The World Kickball Association is growing every year as more people turn to kickball for fitness, competition, and fun.  

For those who love the idea of softball but haven't mastered the required skills for the sport, kickball is a great alternative with its own benefits and merits as well. So whether you start your own game with your best buddies or join an existing competitive league, you can't go wrong with this classic sport. 

As we get older, many of us stop playing sports ourselves and only watch the professionals. But with so many great sports available, you can get in on the action this summer and gain new skills you never thought you'd have.

Burn extra calories, make new friends, and feed your competitive spirit with these five sports for adults. We recommend visiting your local clubs and seeing if they offer any of these activities. 

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