Report: Texas Rangers DH Prince Fielder's Career Is Over

In a surprising report, it appears the career of Texas Rangers DH Prince Fielder is over. Ken Rosenthal reports there should be a press conference tomorrow regarding Fiedler. 

Fielder underwent his second knee surgery back in June, which shelved him for the rest of the season. Fielder won't be retiring, but will instead be declared medically disabled. That means he will collect the $24 million per year he's owed through the 2020. Luckily for the Rangers, their insurance will cover a big chunk of that money. 

Before his first neck surgery back in May 2014, Fielder had missed a mere 13 games since 2006. But he was never the same after the injury. He struggled in both 2014 and this year, although he did regain his previous form back in 2015. 

The Rangers were already prepared to not play with Fielder this season, which is why they traded for DH Carlos Beltran before the deadline. With Fielder not returning next year, the Rangers might try to re-sign Beltran, who will be a free agent. Joey Gallo could also take over as the DH next year. 

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