Texas Rangers News: Jeff Banister Planss To Leave Ross Detwiler In Starting Rotation

Despite his struggles early on in 2015, Texas Rangers lefty Jeff Banister doesn't appear to be in any danger of losing his spot in the starting rotation.

Detwiler took the loss on Thursday after allowing three earned runs and nine hits in a shaky performance against the Royals, but manager Jeff Banister remains behind him as a piece of the rotation. At least for now.

"I have a hard time with a guy who threw two very good games," Banister said on Friday. "He's had seven starts. Three early, got sideways on him in one inning. The three on the back side of that -- two he pitched very well.

"Yesterday he gives up three runs, scatters nine hits. I think he got barreled three times, so it wasn't like he was getting pounded all over the yard. Long counts, tough time not putting away hitter. I feel like not using the breaking ball was part of that."

With an off day on Monday, Banister could feasibly skip Detwiler and give him a chance to clear his head. However, there are other factors which would influence such a decision one way or the other.

"We also know that [Yovani Gallardo] is a much better pitcher when he has an extra day," Banister said. "Colby [Lewis], when he has an extra day, [Wandy] Rodriguez when he has an extra day. ... I think it would really be prudent with us if we continue to look at the entire scope rather than just focus in on one guy.

"This is about the management of all 25 and each individual guy within that. Do we look at [skipping Detwiler]? Absolutely. But we look at all of that and see what fits best for everybody."

Detwiler in 0-5 with a 6.95 ERA closing in on the quarter pole of the 2015 MLB season.

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