The 8 Highest-Paid Athletes In Dallas Right Now

If you don't know just how big the business of sports is, you haven't been paying to any sports recap show in the history of ever. Our fascination with the pinball-like salaries are sporting heroes secure keeps the likes of "SportsCenter" and "FOX Sports Live," but we CAN'T HELP IT. For all of you hanging out in the City of Dallas, here's a fancy guide to the eight highest-paid players in your town for 2015.

(Note: We include stretched signing bonuses and restructuring bonuses. We do not take into account dead cap numbers. NBA figures are pulled from the 2015-16 ledger. All figures are courtesy of

(Second Note: We're including the Metro area, baby.)

8. Tony Romo ($14,973,000)

7. Elvis Andrus ($15,250,000)

6. Chandler Parsons ($15,361,500)

T4. Adrian Beltre ($16,000,000)

T4. Mike Napoli ($16,000,000)

3. Wesley Matthews ($16,407,500)

2. Cole Hamels ($22,500,000)

1. Prince Fielder ($24,000,000)


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