Texas Coaching Rumors: Wednesday Evening Hot Board


The Texas coaching search is pulling in nearly every major name in the college and pro game, but some of those names are much more realistic than others. As of Wednesday night, these are the guys with the best shot at the Texas job:


5. Les Miles, LSU Head Coach

Les Miles is one of the top candidates for Texas if they can't get an NFL coach, Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. Along with Gus Malzahn, Art Briles and Jimbo Fisher, Miles is the cream of the college crop and will reportedly listen to offers if Texas comes calling.

4. Gus Malzahn, Auburn Head Coach

While Malzahn is no longer leading the pack, he's still a prime target and someone generating a lot of buzz in Austin. Malzahn won't discuss other jobs until after the National Championship game, which opens the door to guys like Jon Gruden, who'd be able to negotiate immediately if Texas reached out.

3. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Head Coach

Fisher also can't talk to Texas until after the BCS Title Game, but he'll also consider the offer if Texas comes calling. With so many of Texas' top choices unable to discuss the job until 2014 due to BCS and NFL commitments, we won't be at all surprised if Texas doesn't make any serious moves until after the end of the holiday season.

2. Jon Gruden, ESPN Analyst

Gruden tossed his hat in the ring this morning when reports surfaced that he'd be interested in the Texas job if it was offered. One of the biggest names available, Gruden is a frontrunner at this point in time.

1. Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach

Briles makes a ton of sense, which traditional logic tells us he has a 0% chance of getting the job. Still, the wizard from Waco combines tactical brilliance, talent evaluation and recruiting clout into one neat, extremely Texan package.

Wild Card Until Further Notice: Nick Saban

The Saban rumors just won't die, and for good reason - at this point, we won't believe Saban is out of the running until the next Texas HC has won at least three bowl games. As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire...and there's been more smoke than you'd see if Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg shared a tour bus.


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