Texas Coaching Rumors: Tuesday Evening Hot Board


There's been very little motion in the hot board since this morning, despite some very interesting rumors about the status of a candidate that had been considered out of the running.


5. Urban Meyer, Ohio State Head Coach

It might be too soon for Meyer to make another major move, having spent less than two seasons with the Buckeyes. Besides, it's not like he's ever left a program after such a short amount of time before, right?

4. Les Miles, LSU Head Coach

Miles has his crazy bayou wizard thing going in Baton Rouge, but there are plenty of rumors that he'd consider the right offer if it came along. He's definitely on the second tier of the Texas wishlist, but since their NFL reach candidates probably won't pan out, Miles has a solid shot.

3. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Head Coach

Fisher is reportedly willing to consider the Texas job, and Texas has reportedly already reached out to Fisher's agent. A contract extension with FSU is still on the table, and with the Seminoles preparing for the national title game there are a lot of moving pieces here. Stay tuned.

2. Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach

Briles is our gut-check pick to be the next coach at Texas, even though he lacks the boy wonder appeal of a guy like Malzahn. He's a focused, no-BS kind of guy who gets results even with limited resources, and there are plenty of people at Texas who want to see what he can do with the financial and recruiting muscle available in Austin.

1. Gus Malzahn, Auburn Head Coach

Malzahn stays atop the leaderboard for another day, and while we've heard nothing new about his status since yesterday's update, his open praise for the Texas job and his tremendous recent success make him the prime target if/when the NFL crowd politely declines.

Wild Card: Guess Who's Back?! (It's Nick Saban. Nick Saban is back.)

We were almost hesitant to report this, because we know exactly how it sounds. Seriously? Again? Why won't this go away? We're still talking about Saban because someone in his inner circle gave us a very good reason to.


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